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If you’ve not been on a Police speeding course, you probably know someone who has. These cost just about the same amount of money as a speeding fine – but they save you a packet, when it comes to renewing your insurance.

Naughty Children

What’s this all got to do with business, though?

It might surprise you to learn that this is an example of a methodology called “Corrective Action Training”. What’s even more surprising, is how well it works.

How do we know corrective training works?

Fortunately, this is an area that’s attracted serious academic study – so we can be confident of the facts, here. Take the speeding courses offered to motorists, as an example. They were studied by Aston University, and here’s what was discovered

“The results clearly show that the speed awareness course led to reliable improvements in client’s attitude to speeding and importantly their intention not to break the speed limit.”

So, the message is pretty clear: corrective training works (at least when it’s done right).

But you don’t care about speeding courses – and we don’t sell them

What you do care about is how costly it is to fire and replace people. Not only do you have to go through all the hassle of recruitment, but you also have to clean up the chaos that a sudden departure inevitably causes. Then, you’ve got to deal with the reputational issues, which arise if you’re seen as a “hire ‘em, fire ‘em” employer. Overall, it’s far better to try and change people’s behaviour – before things get out of hand.

Most people leave corrective training too late

The problem with most corrective training is that it’s not done soon enough. By the time a member of staff is on the point of getting sacked, it can be too late to fix the problem. We’d always recommend trying – but it’s far better to step in early.

Early intervention is much easier & cheaper, than letting a problem fester

I know we’re making it sound easy. But with the right tools, it really can be. And we wouldn’t be doing our jobs properly, if we didn’t help you do your job properly.

So, here’s a selection of courses – to help with that tricky workplace friction.

That’s just a start – and there are loads more on our website. Just take a look at our Performance Management course library here. I hope that was helpful. Drop me a line, and let me know how you get on with this approach. We don’t mind if you’re not even a customer, we’ll help anyone out!