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MicroLearn is a fresh product set, first launched in 2017 by Jenison Digital Learning (an established publisher of business courses) and now fully owed by eLearning industry leaders the Access Group. MicroLearn understand that people are increasingly time poor and time at work is a luxury. Training can be boring and long-drawn-out, but it doesn't have to be! With this ethos, they have designed a catalogue of resources which can be tailored to your learning needs.

These resources are designed to give you the 20% of knowledge you actually need to know, cutting out the traditional waffle! Each module is designed to be completed within 15 minutes of study time and they are well structured and designed, with fresh and engaging creative treatments, and utilising a variety of learner interaction and assessment methods. The current catalogue consists of 160+ modules covering Business Skills, Health & Safety, Compliance and Personal Development and MicroLearn are releasing new content all the time.

The MicroLearn resources are offered on an "annual subscription" basis (either to the full library or a custom subset), giving businesses the flexible benefit of unlimited access for their staff.

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
A Balancing ActMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
A Positive PerspectiveMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Absence ManagementMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Accountability Governance Under GDPRMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Active ListeningMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
AgeMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
AmbiguityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
An Introduction To GDPRMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Anti-Money LaunderingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Appraisal InterviewsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Approaching New CustomersMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Asking The Right QuestionsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Benefits Of Good SleepMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Better JudgementsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Body LanguageMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Bribery and CorruptionMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Bribery AwarenessMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Budgeting Basics ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Career PlanningMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Caring For Vulnerable CustomersMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Challenging The Status Quo ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Changing BehavioursMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
CoachingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Coaching and MentoringMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Collaborative WorkingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Communicating Under PressureMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Communicating with Emotional IntelligenceMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Communicating With RespectMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Competition LawMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
ConfidenceMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
CreativityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Critical ThinkingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
CuriosityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Cyber SecurityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Dangerous SubstancesMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Data Protection Act 2018MicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Dealing with ConflictMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Dealing With StressMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Decision MakingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Developing Leadership ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
DisabilityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Display Screen EquipmentMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Driving at WorkMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Effective DelegationMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Effective MeetingsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Effective WritingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
ElectricityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Email EtiquetteMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
EmpathyMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Equality & Diversity IntroductionMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Everyday Energy ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Experiencing Change ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Expressing YourselfMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Fair Treatment Of CustomersMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Finance For Non Financial ManagersMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Find your roleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
FireMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
First AidMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
First ImpressionsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Flexible LeadershipMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Food AllergyMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Food LawMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Food Safety HazardsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Food Safety IntroductionMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Food Safety ManagementMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Food-Borne IllnessMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Fraud AwarenessMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Freedom Of Information ScotlandMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Freedom Of Information UkMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Gender ReassignmentMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)MicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Giving & Receiving FeedbackMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Great ConversationsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Handling ComplaintsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Health & Safety IntroductionMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Healthy LivingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Hiring Right First TimeMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
How To Be AssertiveMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
How To Support Yourself And Others With Mental HealthMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Hygienic PremisesMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Impact and InfluencingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Individual Rights Under GDPRMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Inducting A New Team MemberMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Insider TradingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Introduction To Mental HealthMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Know Your CustomerMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Lawful Basis For Processing Under GDPRMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Lets Talk About Mental HealthMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Letting GoMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Life BalanceMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Maintaining Existing CustomersMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Making Objectives Happen ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Making The Change ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Managing EmotionsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Managing ExpectationsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Managing Personal FinanceMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Managing Virtual TeamsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Manual HandlingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Marriage & Civil PartnershipsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Mental Health ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
MentoringMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
MicroLearn: Remote Working BundleMicroLearn45 Minutes£ 0.00
MindfulnessMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
MindsetMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Modern Day SlaveryMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Motivation and Effective FeedbackMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Moving Or Falling ObjectsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Negotiation SkillsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
NetworkingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Office Health & SafetyMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Operational AgilityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
PCI DSSMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Performance ManagementMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Performance Troubleshooting ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Personal AgilityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Personal HygieneMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Planning and Monitoring Team PerformanceMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Planning For A CrisisMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Planning Your Own DevelopmentMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Planning Your Report ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Positive ThinkingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Pregnancy & MaternityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Presenting DataMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Presenting With ConfidenceMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Problem Solving ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
ProductivityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Project ManagementMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
RaceMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Recognising And Managing AnxietyMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Relationship BuildingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
RelaxationMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Religion or BeliefMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Remote Health & SafetyMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Remote WorkingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
ResilienceMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Right To WorkMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Safeguarding Children (England & Wales)MicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Safeguarding Children (Northern Ireland)MicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Safeguarding Children (Scotland)MicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (England & Wales)MicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (Northern Ireland)MicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (Scotland)MicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Seeing Change Through ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Setting Objectives ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Sex DiscriminationMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Sexual OrientationMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Sickness & Absence ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Slips & TripsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Social Media AwarenessMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Spelling and Punctuation ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
SustainabilityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Tackling Mental Health Stigmas And DiscriminationMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Taking ActionMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Taking The LeadMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Telephone MannerMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Temperature ControlMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
The Effective LeaderMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
The English Sentence ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
The Need For Strategy ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Thriving In Change ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Time ManagementMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Tips for the IntervieweeMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Training For Non Trainers ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Unconscious BiasMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Understanding Brand and Reputation ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Value and PurposeMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Vehicles In Around The WarehouseMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
What To Expect From The New GDPRMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Whats Not Being SaidMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
WhistleblowingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Winter WellbeingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Work At HeightMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Working in TeamsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Workplace BullyingMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Workplace DiplomacyMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Workplace EthicsMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Workplace SecurityMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00
Writing Your Report ModuleMicroLearn15 Minutes£ 9.00