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TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
AphasiaMe Learning45 minutes£ 20.00
Autism AwarenessMe Learning45 Minutes£ 20.00
Basic Life SupportMe Learning60 minutes£ 20.00
Basic Life Support - for Health and Social CareMe Learning1 Hour£ 20.00
Dementia AwarenessMe Learning1 Hour 15 Minutes£ 25.00
Diabetes AwarenessMe Learning1 Hour 50 Minutes£ 20.00
Eating DisordersMe Learning1 Hour 10 Minutes£ 20.00
Falls and Fracture PreventionMe Learning1 Hour£ 20.00
Fluids and Nutrition - for Health and Social CareMe Learning60 Minutes£ 25.00
New and Expectant MothersMe Learning45 Minutes£ 20.00
NHS Continuing HealthcareMe Learning30 Minutes£ 20.00
Parkinsons DiseaseMe Learning1 Hour£ 20.00
Stroke AwarenessMe Learning45 Minutes£ 20.00
Substance MisuseMe Learning1 Hour 20 Minutes£ 20.00