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Maguire Training has been a specialist in learning and development since 1999 and at the forefront of the development of presenter-led on-line training solutions since that time. Their eLearning modules are typically 30-40 minutes in length led by our own expert training team which creates highly engaging learning. Users are able to learn from very experienced trainers discussing the best tools and techniques in over 90 different skills development modules.

Knowledge is tested through a simple but highly effective assessment and all modules are CPD compliant.

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Accurate ForecastingMaguire Training32 Minutes£ 25.00
An Examination of Different Leadership ModelsMaguire Training37 Minutes£ 25.00
An Examination of Team Roles and BehaviourMaguire Training36 Minutes£ 25.00
An Introduction to ResilienceMaguire Training31 Minutes£ 25.00
Applying through CESRMaguire Training24 Minutes£ 25.00
Appraisal for RevalidationMaguire Training53 Minutes£ 25.00
Assertive Vs Aggressive BehaviourMaguire Training37 Minutes£ 25.00
Building Rapport QuicklyMaguire Training41 Minutes£ 25.00
Can Do Attitude - Championing Business ChangeMaguire Training44 Minutes£ 25.00
Closing the SaleMaguire Training45 Minutes£ 25.00
Coaching Using The Grow ModelMaguire Training31 Minutes£ 25.00
Consultative SellingMaguire Training49 Minutes£ 25.00
Creating a Positive ClimateMaguire Training30 Minutes£ 25.00
Creative Problem SolvingMaguire Training46 Minutes£ 25.00
Decision Making StrategiesMaguire Training39 Minutes£ 25.00
Developing Confidence & Energy in PresentationsMaguire Training40 Minutes£ 25.00
Developing your own Leadership StyleMaguire Training24 Minutes£ 25.00
Discipline and GrievanceMaguire Training28 Minutes£ 25.00
Driving the Change Process - Navigating ChangeMaguire Training33 Minutes£ 25.00
E-portfolio and ReflectionMaguire Training28 Minutes£ 25.00
Effective Time ManagementMaguire Training43 Minutes£ 25.00
Environmental AwarenessMaguire Training28 Minutes£ 25.00
Equality, Diversity and InclusionMaguire Training30 Minutes£ 25.00
Essential MarketingMaguire Training27 Minutes£ 25.00
Excellent Customer ServiceMaguire Training26 Minutes£ 25.00
Gaining Agreement & CommitmentMaguire Training33 Minutes£ 25.00
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) AwarenessMaguire Training30 Minutes£ 5.00
Handling Difficult People/SituationsMaguire Training28 Minutes£ 25.00
Health & Safety - The BasicsMaguire Training34 Minutes£ 25.00
Health & Safety For Home WorkersMaguire Training28 Minutes£ 25.00
Health & Safety For Lone WorkersMaguire Training26 Minutes£ 25.00
How Teams are FormedMaguire Training32 Minutes£ 25.00
How To Mentor EffectivelyMaguire Training24 Minutes£ 25.00
Identify Learning StylesMaguire Training28 Minutes£ 25.00
Identifying Development & Training for your TeamMaguire Training37 Minutes£ 25.00
Implementing Marketing StrategyMaguire Training32 Minutes£ 25.00
Influencing StrategiesMaguire Training37 Minutes£ 25.00
Interviewing SkillsMaguire Training43 Minutes£ 25.00
Introduction to COSHHMaguire Training45 Minutes£ 25.00
Introduction to Fire SafetyMaguire Training44 Minutes£ 25.00
Introduction to Manual HandlingMaguire Training36 Minutes£ 25.00
Introduction to Risk AssessmentsMaguire Training39 Minutes£ 25.00
KPI's and Individual & Team Performance AssessmentMaguire Training25 Minutes£ 25.00
Making Dynamic PresentationsMaguire Training35 Minutes£ 25.00
Making Meetings WorkMaguire Training40 Minutes£ 25.00
Making Sales AppointmentsMaguire Training49 Minutes£ 25.00
Managing Accounts for GrowthMaguire Training49 Minutes£ 25.00
Managing ConflictMaguire Training45 Minutes£ 25.00
Managing Customer RelationshipsMaguire Training19 Minutes£ 25.00
Managing Good/Poor PerformanceMaguire Training44 Minutes£ 25.00
Managing Sales MeetingsMaguire Training21 Minutes£ 25.00
Managing Sales Team MeetingsMaguire Training35 Minutes£ 25.00
Maximising Incoming BusinessMaguire Training33 Minutes£ 25.00
Moving from Colleague to ManagerMaguire Training26 Minutes£ 25.00
Negotiation Skills for BuyersMaguire Training34 Minutes£ 25.00
Negotiation StrategiesMaguire Training36 Minutes£ 25.00
Non - Verbal CommunicationMaguire Training43 Minutes£ 25.00
Online Marketing - The BasicsMaguire Training35 Minutes£ 25.00
Opening the SaleMaguire Training42 Minutes£ 25.00
Overcoming ObjectionsMaguire Training30 Minutes£ 25.00
Preparing to Write your BudgetMaguire Training28 Minutes£ 25.00
Presentation Preparation and StructureMaguire Training37 Minutes£ 25.00
Problem Solving ModelsMaguire Training34 Minutes£ 25.00
Project Management EssentialsMaguire Training43 Minutes£ 25.00
Questioning & Listening SkillsMaguire Training46 Minutes£ 25.00
Sales, Time and Territory ManagementMaguire Training26 Minutes£ 25.00
Selling Features and BenefitsMaguire Training26 Minutes£ 25.00
Selling into the FutureMaguire Training37 Minutes£ 25.00
Selling to Different Personality TypesMaguire Training29 Minutes£ 25.00
Selling To Multiple Decision MakersMaguire Training39 Minutes£ 25.00
Setting ObjectivesMaguire Training23 Minutes£ 25.00
Slips, Trips and FallsMaguire Training34 Minutes£ 25.00
Strategic Analysis - SWOT & PESTLEMaguire Training31 Minutes£ 25.00
Team Building within Multi-Disciplinary TeamsMaguire Training42 Minutes£ 25.00
Telephone TechniquesMaguire Training38 Minutes£ 25.00
The 'Art' of DelegationMaguire Training32 Minutes£ 25.00
The Power of Persuasion - Making Your Case!Maguire Training38 Minutes£ 25.00
The Preparation & Structure of NegotiatonMaguire Training39 Minutes£ 25.00
The Psychology of NegotiationMaguire Training32 Minutes£ 25.00
The Recruiment ProcessMaguire Training37 Minutes£ 25.00
The Role and Responsibility of the ManagerMaguire Training21 Minutes£ 25.00
The Role and Responsibility of the Team LeaderMaguire Training42 Minutes£ 25.00
Theories of MotivationMaguire Training30 Minutes£ 25.00
Time, Task and Planning SkillsMaguire Training43 Minutes£ 25.00
Understanding Different Personality TypesMaguire Training49 Minutes£ 25.00
Understanding Profit, Cash Flow and the Balance SheetMaguire Training31 Minutes£ 25.00
Understanding the Nature & Behaviour of CostsMaguire Training33 Minutes£ 25.00
Understanding Your Market & ClientsMaguire Training30 Minutes£ 25.00
Unlocking Your PotentialMaguire Training29 Minutes£ 25.00
Using Diffferent Communication StylesMaguire Training22 Minutes£ 25.00
Using NLP in CommunicationMaguire Training29 Minutes£ 25.00
Using NLP in SalesMaguire Training35 Minutes£ 25.00
Using Persuasive Language in PresentationsMaguire Training38 Minutes£ 25.00
Using Powerful Sales LanguageMaguire Training36 Minutes£ 25.00
Why Teams Succeed or FailMaguire Training38 Minutes£ 25.00
Winning New BusinessMaguire Training51 Minutes£ 25.00
Writing Sales ProposalsMaguire Training15 Minutes£ 25.00