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About us

Since 2001 MTD has delivered training solutions to over 4,500 different organisations and have helped over 150,000 staff. Their team of highly skilled and experienced trainers and consultants have all had distinguished careers and bring with them a wealth of practical experience. They have fine-tuned their solutions into comprehensive areas of online learning, ensuring that the training is practical, interactive and right for any business need.

MTD have brought their experience to bear with the "Management Skills Award" , an industry-standard programme comprised of 13 online management training sessions that you can take from the comfort of your own desktop, mobile or tablet. The modules are available as individual units or as a complete programme. This programme is accredited by The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and The Continued Professional Development (CPD). The main purpose of the Award is to provide the managers who take it with a firm foundation in management skills best practices.

In addition, MTD offer a series of 18 online training sessions for the “Retail Skills Academy”. This is an online programme designed to provide you with the essential retail techniques and sales strategies to provide excellent levels of customer service and at the same time make more sales. Again the modules are available as individual units or as a complete programme.

All courses
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Additional Selling Techniques25 Minutes 9.00
Advanced Communication Skills25 Minutes 9.00
Awareness of Your Competition25 Minutes 9.00
Building High Performance Teams20 Minutes 9.00
Confidently Closing The Sale25 Minutes 9.00
Conflict Management25 Minutes 9.00
Creating Interest with Features & Benefits25 Minutes 9.00
Delegation Skills25 Minutes 9.00
Effective Coaching Skills25 Minutes 9.00
Effective Time Management20 Minutes 9.00
Effectively Offering The Solution25 Minutes 9.00
Emotional Intelligence15 Minutes 9.00
Essential Communication Skills25 Minutes 9.00
Handling Complaints25 Minutes 9.00
Health & Safety in a Retail Environment25 Minutes 9.00
Leadership Styles25 Minutes 9.00
Management Skills Award5 Hours 60.00
Management VS Leadership25 Minutes 9.00
Managing Change25 Minutes 9.00
Managing Performance20 Minutes 9.00
Motivation Masterclass25 Minutes 9.00
MSA Assessment25 Minutes 0.00
Overcoming Objections In the Buying Process25 Minutes 9.00
Personal Presentation & Hygiene Standards25 Minutes 9.00
Phone Calls, Emails & Internet Sales25 Minutes 9.00
Retail Skills Academy7 Hours 30 Minutes 99.00
RSA Assessment30 Minutes 0.00
The Balance Between Sales & Service25 Minutes 9.00
The Importance of Customer Engagement25 Minutes 9.00
The Importance of Product Knowledge25 Minutes 9.00
The Key To Improving Retail Sales25 Minutes 9.00
The Point of Sale25 Minutes 9.00
The Principles of an Effective Store Layout25 Minutes 9.00
Understanding Different Customer Behaviours25 Minutes 9.00
Utilising Your Discovery Skills25 Minutes 9.00