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Course-Source now offers four choices of Microsoft Office 2016 courses. Which one is best for your organisation?


Course-Source now offers you a choice of four different publishers of ICT (Information Communication Technology) courses. Since eLearning came into prominence in the late 1990s ICT training, and specifically for desktop productivity tools, has persistently been most abundant and common. Desktop IT has evolved significantly in the same period and extensive use in academia and home life means that many people now start their careers with a sound, basic knowledge of Microsoft Office. Despite the ubiquitous nature of these applications, organisations still recognise the fundamental importance of improving Desktop IT skills to the productivity of their people.

Criteria for Course Selection

So, how do you decide on the Microsoft Office eLearning for your organisation, especially when there is just so much off-the-shelf content out there? Leaving budget considerations aside, we suggest you consider three key dimensions:

1) Learning Modes
There are two common learning modes used in ICT eLearning. The first is the ‘show me’ mode in which the learner is guided step-by-step through a simulation of the software to complete a task. Today, many ICT subjects are developed as pure video content featuring an expert demonstrating the key features and functions through screen recordings. The second is a ‘try me’ or a ‘do it’ mode in which the learner is presented with a simulation of the software and prompted to complete steps themselves using hotspots of interactivity built into the simulation.

2) Accessibility
This covers several related considerations, a) will people require mobile responsive content? b) will people study as a separate activity or do they seek help ‘in application’ i.e. performance support? c) will people be able and benefit from audio media? And d) what about multi-language?

3) Creative Design or Look-and-Feel
Whether we wish to recognise it or not, style is important to most of us and gaining and retaining a learner’s interest and motivation requires that attention is paid to the creative treatment and design of the content.

Microsoft Course Publishers

Course-Source now offers you a choice of the following four ICT course catalogues, each with unique aspects to their approach. Listed in alphabetical order, they are:

1) Filtered
Offer a unique approach delivering eLearning that is personalised to the learner's needs. This is achieved via their proprietary adaptive algorithms driven by real user data. Working with the “Filtered approach” a learner is not taught everything, but rather they are driven to only study what they need to learn. The time spent within the course is maximised by stripping out what they already know and what is not useful to them.

2) Gopas
Offer highly interactive, simulation based courses in which the student carries out application tasks under detailed instruction by both text and audio. The courses are flash based and include a final assessment which must be passed to "complete" the course. Courses are available in English, Arabic, French, German, Czech and Slovak localisations. Courses are offered at Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced level use. The Gopas courses are closely aligned to the Microsoft Office Specialist syllabus and are used by a number of leading training providers to support that certification.

3) Knowhow2
Offer highly interactive, simulation based courses in which the student carries out application tasks under detailed instruction by both text and audio. Each lesson in a course contains assessment tests containing multiple choice and interactive questions so you can ascertain your current skill levels and identify areas where you may require further training. Courses are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic and Chinese. There is a range of courses for each application divided up by software functionality such as ‘Pivot Tables and Data Analysis’, or ‘Formatting and Proofing’ for Excel 2016.These courses cover the background knowledge for the MOS syllabus and provide in-depth training in all aspects of each application.

4) LearniT! Anytime
LearniT! Anytime courses are video based but designed to deliver a learning experience, and not just to "watch someone do it". In live classes, the tutor explains concepts, shows you how, reviews the important points, and asks you to try it yourself, right? That's how LearniT! Anytime videos work. They even pause themselves while you give your new skills a whirl. When you learn something new, you have to practice, right? Sometimes new students are at a loss for what they should do to build retention. That's why there are practice assignments, to advise you what to try by yourself. It's like homework that you'll like! Plus, you don't have to turn it in. Some students like written material to support their learning experience. All students appreciate cheat sheets. Online access to supporting document material is all inclusive.