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Race Awareness Training in 2020 from Marshall eLearning

For all of this year’s considerable challenges, many businesses have admirably strived towards progressive work practices; The pandemic has helped to focus attention when it comes to ethical business behaviour. The Black Lives Matter movement has simultaneously woken organisations to the incremental damage of arcane attitudes and to the huge benefits of an enlightened and inclusive approach towards race.

This time of change presents an opportunity for businesses to further improve their culture. But how can companies sensitively and consistently ensure that their staff are fully aligned in terms of attitudes towards race, diversity, and inclusivity? And how do companies avoid igniting a tinderbox through inaction?

Brand new for 2020 is the “LETS TALK ABOUT RACE IN THE WORKPLACE” eLearning course from inclusivity experts Marshall eLearning. Developed in the context of this year’s events, the course specifically helps cultivate a constructive and candid conversation about race in the workplace.

For subject matter expertise, there was no one better than Maggie Semple, OBE whose extensive knowledge and experience within this field allowed Marshall eLearning to produce a module which explores what it is to be a non-white person in today’s workplace.

The course takes a look at the experiences of black people in the workplace and the impact of white privilege and micro-inequities. Workplaces can be hugely important in tackling the issues of structural and individual racism. By their nature, workplaces tend to be more diverse than the social circles held by individuals. Therefore by ensuring inclusive hiring and management processes, employees will collaborate with a broader range of people that will challenge potentially previously held notions of stereotypes and other biases.

earners will not only hear the first-hand experiences of Black people in the workplace but will also be given strategies and tips for confronting their own biases and mitigating them. The purpose of the course is to persuade the learner that racism isn’t just explicit racist language, abuse, or discrimination and that racism also takes the form of inequalities and inadvertent biases that are embedded in organisations and in society. Learners will come away from the course with an increased sense of the need to consciously and pro-actively address racial bias within their organisation.

This course is split into 5 parts:

Part 1: Systemic Racial Biases vs Explicit Racist Behaviour
An exploration of these behaviours and how they may manifest in organisations

Part 2: Unconscious racial bias
A brief introduction to this topic and how it can impact on racial inequality in the workplace.

Part 3: White Privilege
Focuses on the aspects of white privilege that relates to the workplace.

Part 4: Racial microaggressions
Typical examples of racial microaggression found in the workplace

Part 5: Tokenism
Superficial responses by employers to avoid real action and mask inactivity.

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