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Learner Bubble provides a catalogue of online learning that forms the backbone of your learning and development, covering all of your standard statutory Health & Safety and Compliance requirements plus an extensive range of Business Skills. All learning has three principles built into each and every one of our courses:

  • ‘Goldilocks’ learning. That means always striking the right balance and tone: not too academic as to become inaccessible nor too simplistic or quirky as to seem condescending. In this way, we create what clients have described as ‘straight-forward, honest learning.’
  • Quality Certified. You need to know that the learning is effective and to a high standard. So, all our courses are to certified CPD standards and also RoSPA accredited in the case of Health & Safety subjects
  • ‘What you do is more important than what you know.’ We are looking to achieve long-term behavioural change as a result of our learning, not just short-term knowledge transfer.

We achieve that these objectives through:

  • Clear and well-designed learning from an instructional point of view from the outset.
  • Judicious use of mixed media including, presenter, animation, videos, text and audio and engaging graphics.
  • Interaction throughout, including ‘test then tell’ questions to engage learner faculties.
  • Scaffolded learning including use of case studies, scenarios and quizzes to re-iterate learning and ensure its practical application.

  • We look forward to providing you with a cost-effective, learning-effective solution.