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Blue Sky

LearnPLUS is a fixed price per person that offers your people unlimited access to an extensive course catalogue of over 150 titles covering core needs in health & safety, compliance, leadership & management, productivity, communications and desktop IT. LearnPLUS also includes a PAYG credit giving you access to any additional content from our 2,300+ content library for all ad hoc needs; and you can top-up as and when you need to. You get great content from the best publishers for each subject area:

EssentialSkillz - specialists for health & safety
Knowhow2 - experts in desktop IT
MicroLearn - the best for fresh, micro content
MTD Training - the management gurus

LearnPLUS offers you the best of both worlds. A low fixed cost for core learning needs PLUS PAYG access to content from over 40 publishers offering you access to over 2,300 course titles and your subscription includes an initial PAYG credit!

All at a price to make you smile :-)

Prices start at £10.00 per month per person excluding VAT including £500 PAYG credit for 20 to 99 people.
Volume discounts available. Please contact us on +44 207 613 3444 or for details.

Prices are for a twelve-month contract with monthly payments by direct debit, or single annual payment upfront with 15% discount (only for over 50 users). PAYG top-up on request with no contractual obligations.

LearnPLUS General Business Subscription Included Course List

Courses from Knowhow2 (other Office versions available)
Access 2016 - Level 1 - Introduction and Basics
Access 2016 - Level 2 - Tables and Managing Access
Access 2016 - Level 3 - Queries and Records
Access 2016 - Level 4 - Building Forms
Access 2016 - Level 5 - Designing Reports
Excel 2016 - Expert - Advanced Charting and Data Analysis
Excel 2016 - Expert - Advanced Formulas, Macros and External Data
Excel 2016 - Expert - Advanced Functions, Tracking and Auditing
Excel 2016 - Level 1 - Introduction and Basics
Excel 2016 - Level 2 - Cells and Worksheets
Excel 2016 - Level 3 - Views and Layout
Excel 2016 - Level 4 - Formatting and Proofing
Excel 2016 - Level 5 - Formulas and Functions
Excel 2016 - Level 6 - Presenting Data Visually
Excel 2016 - Level 7 - Sharing and Validating Data
OneNote 2016 - Adding Content, Links and Sharing
OneNote 2016 - Notebooks, Views, Layouts and Options
OneNote 2016 - Sections, Tags, History and Searching
Outlook 2016 - Level 1 - Introduction and Basics
Outlook 2016 - Level 2 - Messages and Formatting
Outlook 2016 - Level 3 - Managing Messages and Contacts
Outlook 2016 - Level 4 - Calendar and Other Folders
Outlook 2016 - Level 5 - Auto Features and OneNote
PowerPoint 2016 - Level 1 - Introduction and Basics
PowerPoint 2016 - Level 2 - Creating Presentations
PowerPoint 2016 - Level 3 - Slide Content
PowerPoint 2016 - Level 4 - Graphics and Multimedia
PowerPoint 2016 - Level 5 - Charts and Animations
PowerPoint 2016 - Level 6 - Reviewing and Presenting
Word 2016 - Level 1 - Introduction and Basics
Word 2016 - Level 2 - Importing, Navigation and Formatting
Word 2016 - Level 3 - Paragraphs and Page Layout
Word 2016 - Level 4 - Managing Documents
Word 2016 - Level 5 - Tables and References
Word 2016 - Level 6 - Objects and Printing
Windows 10 - Level 1
Windows 10 - Level 2
Windows 10 - Level 3
Windows 10 - Level 4

Courses from EssentialSkillz
Anti-Bribery and Corruption
Asbestos Awareness
Code of Conduct
Contractors Safety Procedures
CPR Essentials
Cyber Security
Drivewize Training
Electrical Safety
Environmental Awareness
Evacuation Procedures
Fire Safety Essentials
Fire Wardens
Food Safety Essentials
Freedom of Information
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
Hazardous Substances (COSHH)
Health and Safety Induction
Lone Working Essentials
Managing Health and Safety
Manual Handling
Modern Day Slavery
Money Laundering
New and Expectant Mothers
Noise at Work
Pandemic Procedures
Personal Protective Equipment
Prevent Duty
Risk Assessment
Security and Terror Alerts
Slips, Trips and Falls
Treating Customers Fairly
Whistleblowing Procedures
Working at Height
Alcohol and Drug Awareness Policy
Bullying and Harassment Policy
Disciplinary Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Grievance Policy
Homeworking Policy
Internet User Policy
Resource Efficiency
Social Media Policy
Stress Essentials

Courses from MicroLearn
Active Listening
Appraisal Interviews
Approaching New Customers
Asking The Right Questions
Body Language
Budgeting Basics Module
Challenging The Status Quo Module
Coaching and Mentoring
Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
Dealing with Conflict
Dealing With Stress
Decision Making
Developing Leadership Module
Effective Delegation
Effective Meetings
Effective Writing
Email Etiquette
Experiencing Change Module
Expressing Yourself
Find your role
Giving & Receiving Feedback
Handling Complaints
Hiring Right First Time
How To Be Assertive
Impact and Influencing
Know Your Customer
Maintaining Existing Customers
Making Objectives Happen Module
Making The Change Module
Motivation and Effective Feedback
Negotiation Skills
Performance Troubleshooting Module
Planning and Monitoring Team Performance
Planning Your Own Development
Planning Your Report Module
Positive Thinking
Presenting Data
Presenting With Confidence
Problem Solving Module
Project Management
Seeing Change Through Module
Setting Objectives Module
Spelling and Punctuation Module
Taking Action
Telephone Manner
The Effective Leader
The English Sentence Module
The Need For Strategy Module
Thriving In Change Module
Time Management
Tips for the Interviewee
Training For Non Trainers Module
Unconscious Bias
Understanding Brand and Reputation Module
Value and Purpose
Whats Not Being Said
Working in Teams
Writing Your Report Module

Courses from MTD Training
Advanced Communication Skills
Building High Performance Teams
Conflict Management
Delegation Skills
Effective Coaching Skills
Effective Time Management
Emotional Intelligence
Essential Communication Skills
Leadership Styles
Management VS Leadership
Managing Change
Managing Performance
Motivation Masterclass