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Microsoft Office 2019 now available from KNOWHOW2 as topic based eLearning for your LMS

Let’s face it, most of us depend on Microsoft Office but keeping up with the main applications as they evolve with each new edition can be something of a challenge. Just consider all of the incremental changes between Office 2010, 2013, 365 and so on, and does anyone have the time to work through all of the new functions? Many people believe, for example, that they know how to use Excel to a reasonable level (perhaps because they use a particular version on a daily basis), but are they really getting the most out of it, considering how much changed?

Microsoft Office software is now incredibly powerful, and its mastery is key to efficient daily operations within most businesses. Recent versions have seen the addition of many new features that are useful and intuitive (once you know they are there!), and a few hours invested in topping-up your Office skills can make a world of difference to your daily efficiency.

We’re delighted to announce that the latest eLearning content for key Microsoft Office 2019 applications (such as Excel and Word) from KNOWHOW2 are now available via the Course Source e-Learning marketplace. Developed in a series of short, focussed lessons, you can target your learning to the areas of work that are most important to you.

The latest KNOWHOW2 Office 2019 courses include:

  • Excel 2019 - Level 1 - Introduction and Basics
  • Excel 2019 - Level 2 - Cells and Worksheets
  • Excel 2019 - Level 3 - Views and Layout
  • Excel 2019 - Level 4 - Formatting and Proofing
  • Excel 2019 - Level 5 - Formulas and Functions
  • Excel 2019 - Level 6 - Presenting Data Visually
  • Excel 2019 - Level 7 - Sharing and Validating Data
  • Word 2019* - Level 1 - Introduction and Basics
  • Word 2019* - Level 2 - Importing, Navigation and Formatting
  • Word 2019* - Level 3 - Paragraphs and Page Layout
  • Word 2019* - Level 4 - Managing Documents
  • Word 2019* - Level 5 - Objects and Printing
  • Word 2019* - Level 6 - Tables and References

*Office 365 (2019) versions also now available.

The full suite of KNOWHOW2 courses includes comprehensive Microsoft Office training for Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 365 (2016). The remaining modules for Office 2019, all applications, are being added incrementally over the next few months. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please get in touch.

The course provide realistic learning experiences through software simulations. You can learn to perform tasks at your own pace and interactively by following easy step-by-step actions.

Through Course-Source, eLearning buyers can easily add KNOWHOW2 courses to their own LMS, and we offer a range of PAYG and licensing options tailored to meet your exact requirements.

SPECIAL OFFER – try these courses on your LMS for free

Businesses with over 100 employees are invited to try these courses on their own LMS. Up to 5 “evaluators” within your company can access the courses for 14 days. There’s no catch, please just confirm your free trial request by 31st October 2019 by calling us on +44 207 613 3444 or email [email protected] and quote “KNOWHOW2 Offer” and we’ll send you the SCORM connectors to upload onto your LMS.

Of course, eLearning buyers can benefit from free full evaluation access to any KnowHow2 courses, as well as eLearning from over 40 other leading publishers, by registering at

Please contact us for us for further information, volume pricing and support to integrate to your LMS.