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Jenison know that you are passionate about learning, and that’s why they are passionate about creating engaging, effective and cost-efficient digital resources. With over 20 years of industry experience, Jenison is dedicated to providing excellent quality products and outstanding customer care. They know that motivated and skilled individuals are the key to a thriving organisation. All their resources are designed to develop the knowledge and skills of your employees and in turn, improve the overall effectiveness of your organisation.

All courses
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Advanced Communication2.5 Hours£ 15.00
Appraisal Interviewing2 Hours£ 15.00
Assertive Manager2 Hours£ 15.00
Bribery Act 201020 Minutes£ 15.00
Budgeting Basics4 Hours£ 15.00
Business Skills2 Hours£ 15.00
Business Skills Insights2 Hours£ 15.00
Caring for Your Customer2 Hours£ 15.00
Coaching3.5 Hours£ 15.00
Coaching Skills2 Hours£ 15.00
Creating Positive Working Relationships3.5 Hours£ 15.00
Dangerous Substances1.5 Hour£ 15.00
Data Protection1.5 Hour£ 15.00
Decision Making2 Hours£ 15.00
Developing Leadership2 Hours£ 15.00
Developing Performance3.5 Hours£ 15.00
Display Screen Equipment1.5 Hour£ 15.00
Do or Delegate2 Hours£ 15.00
Effective Business Writing2 Hours£ 15.00
Effective Writing2 Hours£ 15.00
Electricity1.5 Hour£ 15.00
Equality and Diversity3 Hours£ 15.00
Essential Communication2.5 Hours£ 15.00
Excel Beginners 20137 Hours£ 15.00
Excel Intermediate 20136 Hours£ 15.00
Facilitation Skills2 Hours£ 15.00
Fire Safety1.5 Hour£ 15.00
First Aid1 Hour£ 15.00
Giving Presentations2 Hours£ 15.00
Health and Safety1.5 Hour£ 15.00
How To Make Agreements Work2.5 Hours£ 15.00
Improving Individual Performance4 Hours£ 15.00
Leadership Skills4 Hours£ 15.00
Make The Difference3 Hours£ 15.00
Making Objectives Happen2 Hours£ 15.00
Managing a New Team4 Hours£ 15.00
Managing Change6.5 Hours£ 15.00
Managing Meetings2 Hours£ 15.00
Managing Your Budget3 Hours£ 15.00
Managing Yourself2 Hours£ 15.00
Managing Yourself Effectively3.5 Hours£ 15.00
Manual Handling1 Hour£ 15.00
Mentoring Skills2 Hours£ 15.00
Negotiation Skills2 Hours£ 15.00
One to One Training2 Hours£ 15.00
Outlook Beginners 20137 Hours£ 15.00
Outlook Intermediate 20136.5 Hours£ 15.00
Performance Troubleshooting2 Hours£ 15.00
Persuading with Numbers2 Hours£ 15.00
Plan Your Own Development2 Hours£ 15.00
PowerPoint Beginners 20135.5 Hours£ 15.00
PowerPoint Intermediate 20136 Hours£ 15.00
Preparing Presentations2 Hours£ 15.00
Preparing Your Budget4 Hours£ 15.00
Problem Solving2 Hours£ 15.00
Problem Solving for Decision Makers2.5 Hours£ 15.00
Project Management2 Hours£ 15.00
Punctuation2 Hours£ 15.00
Putting Customers First2 Hours£ 15.00
Quality in Practice2 Hours£ 15.00
Report Writing2 Hours£ 15.00
Sales Skills6 Hours£ 15.00
Selection Interviewing2 Hours£ 15.00
Setting Objectives2 Hours£ 15.00
Slips Trips and Falls1.5 Hour£ 15.00
Smarter Communication2.5 Hours£ 15.00
Spelling2 Hours£ 15.00
Sustainability20 Minutes£ 15.00
Team Building2 Hours£ 15.00
Team Development6 Hours£ 15.00
The Effective Leader2 Hours£ 15.00
The English Sentence2 Hours£ 15.00
Time Management2 Hours£ 15.00
Training for Non-Trainers2 Hours£ 15.00
Understanding Balance Sheets4 Hours£ 15.00
Understanding Leadership2 Hours£ 15.00
Understanding Profit and Loss3 Hours£ 15.00
Who Killed The1.5 Hour£ 15.00
Word Beginners 20137 Hours£ 15.00
Word Intermediate 20138 Hours£ 15.00
Working in Teams2 Hours£ 15.00
Working with Numbers2 Hours£ 15.00