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Is more of something always better? Or do you consider that less is more?

In life, in general, it is often the case that the more you have of something then the less you wili value it, right?

And yet in the world of organisational learning & development we seem to be increasingly focused on an ‘all you can eat’ mentality when it comes to digital learning. We would rather provide our learners with unlimited access to several thousand courses than invest our time helping them to identify the short-list of courses that will make a real difference to their performance at work.

I’m not saying there is not a place for content subscriptions. However, I do think there is a danger that we think they are always the most cost-effective option on the table, when in fact they are not. How many of you have carried out a retrospective analysis of learning consumption only to be somewhat or morewhat (is there such a word?) disappointed with the lack of learner engagement and uptake versus your business case for the purchase? The danger is that, as learning and development professionals, we may think that the purchase of a vast subscription library means ‘job done’ whereas what it really means is ‘jobs to be done’. The more content you invest in then the harder you have to work as learning and development professionals to guide, encourage, cajole or whatever your people to utilise the content to improve their performance. Without this serious effort then the content purchase follows the law of diminishing returns – the more you buy, the more you will waste. Learners can easily become overwhelmed by the choice and range of learning opportunities resulting in indecision and procrastination.

So what is the alternative? Well, in our minds, it is what we call a Pay-As-You-Go based purchase model. This works rather like a mobile phone PAYG in that you can purchase credit that can be used to buy enrolments to digital content as and when you need it. When you run out of credit, you simply top-up with more, if you need it. The more credit you purchase the deeper the discount you will gain on your course enrolments. In this way, you retain full control of your budget through the year and you have the agility to be able to direct or re-direct budgets according to changing organisational priorities.

If you like the idea of PAYG content then why not search our extensive content library to find the right courses for your organisation’s eLearning needs?

Remember, that we can deliver any of the courses through your internal LMS, or we can provide you with a dedicated and branded version of our Course-Source LMS, if preferred.

To get you started, we will be pleased to credit new customers a free initial £300 of Universal Publisher PAYG purchase which enables you to trial any of the courses in our 2,000+ catalogue. Your order must be placed before 13/12/19*. This offers you access to any courses of your choice for free!** And remember that we can deliver your free course through your LMS.

Don't miss our Introductory Offer!*

Confirm your free Universal Publisher PAYG credit request by 13/12/19 by calling us on +44 207 613 3444 or email [email protected] and quote 'Free Credit' to take up the offer.

* Organisations must employ over 100 staff and be able to deliver the courses through their own SCORM compliant LMS.

** Free credit will expire three months from the start date and learners will have three months to complete a course.