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We are a team of people passionate about creating awesome learning experiences that educate and entertain learners. Our approach to producing online courses which are rich in the latest e-learn technology plus excellent content from our specialists has resulted in our learners achieving pass rates of 98% and higher! So, whether you are looking for a new skill to launch your career or simply refreshing existing knowledge, our courses are proven to produce the results for you.

Learning does not need to be boring! We make learning experiences that are cool and engaging. We also understand our learners will constantly be battered by time pressures. So all Intellelearn courses are built with 'stop-start' technology and in 'bite sized' modules so you can learn at your pace and on whatever device you want.

Intellelearn courses are designed to be cool and engaging but equally importantly, effective and results driven.

All Intellelearn courses are fully accredited by the leading national bodies and recognised by all employers. Your peace of mind that you are buying a quality course is the fact our courses are rated Excellent by the CPD.

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
A3 ThinkingIntellelearn15 Minutes 20.00
Abrasive WheelsIntellelearn1-2 Hours 25.00
Beer BasicsIntellelearn1 Hour 20.00
Beer StylesIntellelearn2 Hours 20.00
COSHH - Control of Hazardous SubstancesIntellelearn30 - 45 Minutes 20.00
Delivering InnovationIntellelearn25 Minutes 20.00
Fire Safety and EquipmentIntellelearn45 Minutes - 1 Hour 20.00
Food Safety: AllergensIntellelearn30 - 45 Minutes 15.00
Food Safety: Level 1Intellelearn30-45 Minutes 15.00
Food Safety: Level 2 (Catering)Intellelearn1-2 Hours 15.00
Food Safety: Level 2 (Manufacturing)Intellelearn1-2 Hours 15.00
Food Safety: Level 2 (Retail)Intellelearn1-2 Hours 15.00
Food Safety: Level 3 (Catering)Intellelearn12-16 Hours 55.00
Food Safety: Level 3 (Manufacturing)Intellelearn12-16 Hours 55.00
Food Safety: Level 3 (Retail)Intellelearn12-16 Hours 55.00
Generating IdeasIntellelearn25 Minutes 20.00
HACCP: Level 2Intellelearn1-2 Hours 20.00
HACCP: Level 3Intellelearn4-6 Hours 55.00
Health and Safety: Level 1Intellelearn45 Minutes - 1 Hour 15.00
Health and Safety: Level 2Intellelearn2-4 Hours 20.00
Health and Safety: Level 3Intellelearn8-10 Hours 55.00
Introducing InnovationIntellelearn25 Minutes 20.00
Introduction to Continuous ImprovementIntellelearn15 Minutes 15.00
Kaizen and the WastesIntellelearn15 Minutes 20.00
Keeping and Serving BeerIntellelearn1 Hour 20.00
Lean ManagementIntellelearn25 Minutes 20.00
Manual HandlingIntellelearn30-45 Minutes 25.00
Person Protective Equipment (PPE)Intellelearn30-45 Minutes 20.00
Personal Safety for Lone WorkersIntellelearn20-30 Minutes 15.00
Policy DeploymentIntellelearn15 Minutes 20.00
Preparing to InnovateIntellelearn25 Minutes 20.00
Process Flow MappingIntellelearn15 Minutes 20.00
QCD Metrics (Quality/Cost/Delivery)Intellelearn15 Minutes 20.00
Risk AssessmentsIntellelearn30-45 Minutes 25.00
Set-up ImprovementIntellelearn15 Minutes 20.00
Standardised WorkIntellelearn15 Minutes 20.00
Structured Problem SolvingIntellelearn15 Minutes 20.00
The Innovation ProcessIntellelearn25 Minutes 20.00
Value Stream Mapping (VSM)Intellelearn15 Minutes 20.00
Visual Management SystemsIntellelearn15 Minutes 20.00
Workplace Organisation Techniques (5s)Intellelearn15 Minutes 20.00