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Health & Safety

TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Allergen AwarenessCPL Online1 Hour£ 20.00
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)CPL Online55 Minutes£ 20.00
Fire AwarenessCPL Online1 Hour£ 20.00
Emergency First AidCPL Online1 Hour£ 20.00
Drugs AwarenessCPL Online55 Minutes£ 20.00
Food Safety Level 2CPL Online1 Hour£ 20.00
HACCP Level 2CPL Online45 Minutes£ 20.00
Health and Safety Level 2CPL Online1 Hour 5 Minutes£ 20.00
Manual HandlingCPL Online1 Hour£ 20.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Alcohol and Drug AwarenessEssential Skillz40 Minutes£ 16.00
Asbestos AwarenessEssential Skillz40 Minutes£ 20.00
Contractor SafetyEssential Skillz20 Minutes£ 16.00
CPR EssentialsEssential Skillz30 Minutes£ 16.00
Electrical SafetyEssential Skillz30 Minutes£ 16.00
Environmental AwarenessEssential Skillz40 Minutes£ 16.00
ErgoWize DSE TrainingEssential Skillz40 Minutes£ 20.00
Evacuation ProceduresEssential Skillz30 Minutes£ 16.00
Fire SafetyEssential Skillz40 Minutes£ 20.00
Fire WardensEssential Skillz40 Minutes£ 20.00
Food Safety - Level 2Essential Skillz45 Minutes£ 25.00
Hazardous Substances (COSHH)Essential Skillz40 Minutes£ 16.00
Health and Safety InductionEssential Skillz45 Minutes£ 16.00
LegionellaEssential Skillz40 Minutes£ 20.00
Lone WorkingEssential Skillz30 Minutes£ 16.00
Managing Health and SafetyEssential Skillz1 Hour£ 20.00
Manual HandlingEssential Skillz45 Minutes£ 20.00
Expectant and New MothersEssential Skillz45 Minutes£ 20.00
Noise at WorkEssential Skillz45 Minutes£ 20.00
Online Driver Training (UK)Essential Skillz45 Minutes£ 20.00
Personal Protective EquipmentEssential Skillz50 Minutes£ 20.00
Risk AssessmentEssential Skillz15 Minutes£ 20.00
SafeguardingEssential Skillz1 Hour 10 Minutes£ 20.00
Security and Terror AlertsEssential Skillz45 Minutes£ 20.00
Slips, Trips and FallsEssential Skillz30 Minutes£ 16.00
Working at HeightEssential Skillz45 Minutes£ 16.00
Workplace Driver Safety (Ireland)Essential Skillz45 Minutes£ 20.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Compressed Air SafetyPGS Training25 Minutes35.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Health & Safety in a Retail EnvironmentMTD Training25 Minutes9.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Display Screen EquipmentJenison1.5 Hour15.00
ElectricityJenison1.5 Hour15.00
Fire SafetyJenison1.5 Hour15.00
First AidJenison1 Hour15.00
Health and SafetyJenison1.5 Hour15.00
Manual HandlingJenison1 Hour15.00
Slips Trips and FallsJenison1.5 Hour15.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Bloodborne PathogensVado21.00
Health & Safety
Oil and Gas