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Childrens Social Care

TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Safeguarding ChildrenEngage in Learning26 Minutes£ 24.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Safeguarding ChildrenEssential Skillz1 Hour 10 Minutes£ 20.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Abuse Related to a Belief in WitchcraftMe Learning1 hour 30 minutes20.00
Assessment and Approval of AdoptersMe Learning30 minutes30.00
Assessment and Approval of Foster CarersMe Learning30 minutes20.00
Autism AwarenessMe Learning60 minutes20.00
Bullying and CyberbullyingMe Learning1 Hour20.00
Children's Workforce InductionMe Learning11 Hours 30 Minutes75.00
Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1)Me Learning3 hours25.00
Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 2)Me Learning1 hour 30 minutes20.00
Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1 and 2)Me Learning4 Hours and 30 Minutes30.00
Common Assessment Framework (CAF or Early Help)Me Learning60 minutes20.00
Diabetes AwarenessMe Learning1 hour 30 minutes20.00
Eating DisordersMe Learning60 minutes20.00
Effective Communication with Children and FamiliesMe Learning60 minutes20.00
Epilepsy AwarenessMe Learning30 minutes20.00
E-Safety - Risks to ChildrenMe Learning30 minutes20.00
E-Safety for Parents and CarersMe Learning30 minutes20.00
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)Me Learning2 hours20.00
Framework for AssessmentsMe Learning30 minutes30.00
Gangs and Youth ViolenceMe Learning1 Hour20.00
Hate CrimeMe Learning30 minutes20.00
Information Sharing and Consent - for People Working with ChildrenMe Learning1 hour 20 minutes25.00
Keeping Good RecordsMe Learning45 minutes20.00
Hidden HarmMe Learning2 hours30.00
Lead Professional IntroductionMe Learning45 minutes20.00
Loss and BereavementMe Learning45 minutes20.00
Multi-Agency WorkingMe Learning30 minutes20.00
Private FosteringMe Learning30 minutes20.00
Safeguarding Against Radicalisation - The Prevent DutyMe Learning60 minutes20.00
Safeguarding AwarenessMe Learning60 minutes20.00
Safeguarding Awareness - for Higher EducationMe Learning60 minutes20.00
Safeguarding Children (Awareness) - for Health and Social CareMe Learning60 minutes20.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 1)Me Learning2 hours20.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 2)Me Learning2 Hours 30 Minutes20.00
Safeguarding Children (Levels 1 and 2)Me Learning4 Hours30.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 1) - for EducationMe Learning2 hours20.00
Safeguarding Children for Education - (Level 1 and 2)Me Learning4 Hours30.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 1) - for HealthMe Learning2 hours20.00
Safeguarding Children for Health - (Level 1 and 2)Me Learning4 Hours30.00
Safeguarding Children in SportMe Learning30 minutes20.00
Safeguarding Children with DisabilitiesMe Learning30 minutes20.00
Safeguarding: Emotional AbuseMe Learning30 minutes25.00
NeglectMe Learning30 Minutes25.00
Safeguarding: Physical AbuseMe Learning30 minutes20.00
Safer RecruitmentMe Learning2 hours30.00
Self-HarmMe Learning30 minutes20.00
Sexual Abuse and Recognising GroomingMe Learning60 minutes20.00
Teenage PregnancyMe Learning45 minutes30.00
Understanding BehaviourMe Learning30 minutes20.00
Understanding Child DevelopmentMe Learning30 Minutes20.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Safeguarding Childrene-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00