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Health & Social Care

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TitlePublisherBase Price
12 Lead ECG and ACS 2020Charles Bloe Training£ 25.00
12 Lead ECG Recording and ECG Rhythm RecordingCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Abuse Related to a Belief in WitchcraftMe Learning£ 20.00
Adult AsthmaCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Adult SafeguardingEssential Skillz£ 18.00
Adult Safeguarding - Level 1Flick Learning£ 18.00
Adult Safeguarding - Level 2Flick Learning£ 18.00
Adult Self-neglectMe Learning£ 20.00
Adults with Incapacity (Scotland)My Learning Cloud£ 15.00
All Wales Induction FrameworkMy Learning Cloud£ 36.00
An Introduction to Clinical Trial Preparation and Design (CT04)Zenosis£ 200.00
An Introduction to Clinical Trials and Drug Development (CT07)Zenosis£ 74.00
An Introduction to Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance (PV03)Zenosis£ 99.00
An Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products (GMP01)Zenosis£ 74.00
An Introduction to Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Drug Development and Registration (PKPD01)Zenosis£ 74.00
AnaphylaxisDynamic Business£ 16.00
Anxiety and DepressionMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
AphasiaMe Learning£ 20.00
Applying through CESRMaguire Training£ 25.00
Appraisal for RevalidationMaguire Training£ 25.00
Assessment and Approval of AdoptersMe Learning£ 30.00
Assessment and Approval of Foster CarersMe Learning£ 20.00
Autism AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Autism AwarenessFlick Learning£ 18.00
Autism AwarenessMe Learning£ 20.00
Basic Life SupportMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Basic Life SupportLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Basic Life SupportMe Learning£ 20.00
Basic Life Support (Adult and Paediatric)Charles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Basic Life Support - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00
Basic Life Support and AnaphylaxisCharles Bloe Training£ 25.00
Basic Safeguarding AwarenessiAM Learning£ 20.00
Bipolar DisorderMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Breast IroningFlick Learning£ 18.00
Bullying and CyberbullyingMe Learning£ 20.00
Cardiovascular SystemCanscribe£ 30.00
Care Certificate - Full Training SuiteMe Learning£ 55.00
Care Certificate Assessor TrainingMe Learning£ 45.00
Catheter CareMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Child Neglect and its CausesLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Child Safeguarding - Level 1Flick Learning£ 18.00
Child Safeguarding - Level 2Flick Learning£ 18.00
Child Safeguarding in BoardingFlick Learning£ 18.00
Child Sexual ExploitationLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Child Sexual ExploitationFlick Learning£ 18.00
Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1 and 2)Me Learning£ 30.00
Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1)Me Learning£ 25.00
Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 2)Me Learning£ 20.00
Children's Workforce InductionMe Learning£ 75.00
Clinical Trial Monitoring: Site Evaluation and Set-up (CT06)Zenosis£ 74.00
Clinical Trial Monitoring: Study Monitoring, Documentation and Closure (CT08)Zenosis£ 99.00
Commissioning and Installation Qualification (VAL03)Zenosis£ 99.00
Common Assessment Framework (CAF or Early Help)Me Learning£ 20.00
Compliance with Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 on Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures (ICT01) Zenosis£ 74.00
Computer Systems Validation, Part 1: Planning (VAL06)Zenosis£ 99.00
Computer Systems Validation, Part 2: Implementation (VAL07)Zenosis£ 99.00
Conducting Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Studies (PKPD02)Zenosis£ 74.00
Consumer-directed Advertising and Online Promotion of Prescription Drugs in the USA (SAM03)Zenosis£ 99.00
Coping with Covid-19 AnxietyEssential Skillz£ 18.00
CoronavirusEssential Skillz£ 18.00
Coronavirus Awarenesse-learning WMB£ 0.00
Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) in Medicinal Products Manufacture (GMP07)Zenosis£ 39.00
Country LinesFlick Learning£ 18.00
Covid 19 Retail & Hospitality: Why Safety Rules MatterReal Projects£ 10.00
COVID-19 De-escalating Conflict: Delivery DriversReal Projects£ 10.00
COVID-19 Leadership: De-escalating Mask-related ConflictReal Projects£ 10.00
Covid-19 Safety: De-escalating Mask-related ConflictReal Projects£ 10.00
Covid-19: Planning for a Return to WorkReal Projects£ 20.00
COVID19 Customer Service: De-escalating Conflict over Safety RulesReal Projects£ 10.00
Creating a Safeguarding CultureiAM Learning£ 20.00
Criminal Exploitation and County LinesMe Learning£ 20.00
Cultural Awareness in SafeguardingMe Learning£ 30.00
De-escalating Conflict: Face Masks and Social DistancingMind Channel£ 5.00
De-escalating Covid-19 Conflict: Challenging Colleagues about Safety RulesReal Projects£ 10.00
De-escalating COVID-19 Conflict: When You Can't Wear a Mask in the WorkplaceReal Projects£ 10.00
Dementia AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Dementia AwarenessDynamic Business£ 16.00
Dementia AwarenessMe Learning£ 25.00
Deprivation of Liberty SafeguardsMe Learning£ 25.00
Deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS)Dynamic Business£ 16.00
Diabetes AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Diabetes AwarenessMe Learning£ 20.00
Diabetes ManagementDynamic Business£ 16.00
Diagnostic DataCanscribe£ 30.00
Digestive SystemCanscribe£ 30.00
Dignity Through ActionMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Diphtheria Tetanus and PolioCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Disability AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Document and Record KeepingMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Domestic AbuseFlick Learning£ 18.00
Domestic Abuse and Intimate Partner ViolenceMe Learning£ 30.00
Domestic Abuse AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Domestic Abuse AwarenessDynamic Business£ 16.00
Domestic Abuse Awareness (Managers)My Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Domestic Abuse Awareness (Scotland)My Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Duty of CandourMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Duty of CareLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Duty of Care (Scotland)My Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Duty of Care - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 25.00
Dysphagia AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
E-portfolio and ReflectionMaguire Training£ 25.00
E-SafetyFlick Learning£ 18.00
Eating DisordersiAM Learning£ 10.00
Eating DisordersMe Learning£ 20.00
Eating Disorders AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Effective Communication - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00
Effective Communication in Health and Social CareLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Effective Communication with Children and FamiliesMe Learning£ 20.00
Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) (SUB05)Zenosis£ 120.00
End of Life CareDynamic Business£ 16.00
End of Life Care AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Endocrine systemCanscribe£ 30.00
Environments in Early YearsFlick Learning£ 18.00
Epilepsy AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Epilepsy AwarenessMe Learning£ 20.00
Equality and Diversity in Health and Social CareLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Equipment Cleaning Validation (VAL05)Zenosis£ 99.00
Essentials of EU and US Regulatory Affairs for Human Medicinal Products (ESS01)Zenosis£ 149.00
Essentials of Monoclonal Antibodies (ESS02)Zenosis£ 39.00
EYFS Made SimpleFlick Learning£ 18.00
Faith-based AbuseFlick Learning£ 18.00
Falls and Fracture Prevention in the ElderlyMe Learning£ 20.00
Falls AwarenessDynamic Business£ 16.00
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)iAM Learning£ 20.00
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)Me Learning£ 20.00
FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)Flick Learning£ 18.00
Fluids and NutritionDynamic Business£ 16.00
Fluids and Nutrition - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 25.00
Fluids and Nutrition AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Fluids, nutrition and food safetyLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Food Hygiene AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Forced Marriage AwarenessFlick Learning£ 18.00
Framework for AssessmentsMe Learning£ 30.00
Gangs and Youth ViolenceMe Learning£ 20.00
Genitourinary SystemCanscribe£ 30.00
Good Clinical Practice Inspections and Audits (CT09)Zenosis£ 120.00
Good Documentation Practice (GMP02)Zenosis£ 39.00
Good Manufacturing Practice for the Warehouse (GMP04)Zenosis£ 74.00
Good Manufacturing Practice in Cleaning and Sanitation (GMP03)Zenosis£ 39.00
Good Manufacturing Practice in Packaging Medicinal Products (GMP06)Zenosis£ 39.00
Good Manufacturing Practice in Processing Medicinal Products (GMP05)Zenosis£ 39.00
Good Pharmacoepidemiology Practice (PV07)Zenosis£ 39.00
Handling Information - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00
Handling Information in Health and Social CareLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Hate CrimeMe Learning£ 20.00
Hay FeverCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Health and Safety in HSCLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Healthcare ToolkitVado£ 50.00
Hematology, Lymphatic, Immune & OncologyCanscribe£ 30.00
Hepatitis ACharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Hepatitis BCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Herpes Zoster - ShinglesCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Hidden HarmMe Learning£ 30.00
Honour Based Violence and Forced MarriageMe Learning£ 20.00
How to Conduct Clinical Research Under the EU Clinical Trials Regulation (CT12)Zenosis£ 49.00
How to Gain Approval to Conduct Clinical Trials in Europe (CT01)Zenosis£ 149.00
How to Gain Approval to Market a Generic Drug in the USA (SUB13)Zenosis£ 149.00
How to Gain Authorisation for Clinical Research under the EU Clinical Trials Regulation (CT11)Zenosis£ 99.00
How to Wash your HandsReal Projects£ 6.00
Human Papillomavirus (HPV)Charles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Human Rights Act 1998Me Learning£ 20.00
ICH Good Clinical Practice (CT03)Zenosis£ 149.00
Infection and Prevention ControlLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Infection Prevention and Control - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00
InfluenzaCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Information Sharing and Consent - for People Working with ChildrenMe Learning£ 25.00
Integumentary SystemCanscribe£ 30.00
Introduction to Validation (VAL01)Zenosis£ 99.00
Keeping Children Safe in EducationFlick Learning£ 18.00
Keeping Good RecordsMe Learning£ 20.00
Knife Crime AwarenessFlick Learning£ 18.00
Lead Professional IntroductionMe Learning£ 20.00
Learning Disability AwarenessDynamic Business£ 16.00
Legal and Regulatory Framework for Advertising and Promotion of Prescription Drugs in the USA (SAM01)Zenosis£ 99.00
Loss and BereavementMe Learning£ 20.00
Making Every Contact Count - Addressing Loneliness and IsolationMe Learning£ 20.00
Making Every Contact Count - Supporting Winter WarmthMe Learning£ 30.00
Malaria - OnlineCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Managers Ready To Serve Following LockdownCPL Learning£ 20.00
Managing a Safeguarding DisclosureiAM Learning£ 20.00
Managing ContinenceMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Managing Stoma CareMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Manual Handling Safe Lifting of AdultsFlick Learning£ 18.00
Manual Handling Safe Lifting of Adults and ChildrenFlick Learning£ 18.00
Manual Handling Safe Lifting of ChildrenFlick Learning£ 18.00
Marketing of Prescription Drugs in the USA - Interactions with Healthcare Professionals (SAM04)Zenosis£ 99.00
Medical Devices - An Introduction to the Regulation of Medical Devices (MD01)Zenosis£ 49.00
Medical TerminologyCanscribe£ 250.00
Medical TerminologyTalk Medical Online£ 149.00
Medical Terminology- Terminology BasicsCanscribe£ 30.00
Medication AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Medication Awareness and Safe Handling of MedicationMe Learning£ 20.00
Meningitis - OnlineCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Mental Capacity Act 2005Me Learning£ 20.00
Mental Capacity Act with Deprivation of Liberty SafeguardsMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Mental Health and Young PeopleFlick Learning£ 18.00
Mental Health AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Mental Health, Dementia and Learning DisabilityLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability - for Health & Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00
Missing ChildrenMe Learning£ 20.00
Modern Slavery and TraffickingFlick Learning£ 18.00
Moving and Positioning of IndividualsMe Learning£ 25.00
MS AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Multi-Agency WorkingMe Learning£ 20.00
Muskuloskeletal SystemCanscribe£ 30.00
NeglectiAM Learning£ 20.00
NeglectMe Learning£ 25.00
Nervous systemCanscribe£ 30.00
New and Expectant MothersMe Learning£ 20.00
NHS Continuing HealthcareMe Learning£ 20.00
Obstetrics & NeonatologyCanscribe£ 30.00
OCD AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Ofsted's Early Years Education Inspection FrameworkFlick Learning£ 18.00
Ofsted's Education Inspection FrameworkFlick Learning£ 18.00
Online Safety - Risks to ChildrenMe Learning£ 20.00
Online Safety for Parents and CarersMe Learning£ 20.00
Operational and Performance Qualification (VAL04)Zenosis£ 99.00
Operational Best Practice - No More No-ShowsCPL Learning£ 10.00
Oral Health: Caring for Natural Teeth and DenturesMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Oral HealthcareDynamic Business£ 16.00
Orphan Drug Designation in the USA and Europe (SUB01)Zenosis£ 74.00
Paediatric First AidFlick Learning£ 18.00
Pain Management: Recognising and RespondingMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Palliative Care and End of Life CareMe Learning£ 20.00
Parkinsons AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Parkinsons DiseaseMe Learning£ 20.00
PediatricsCanscribe£ 30.00
Person-Centred PracticeLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Person-Centred SupportMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Person-Centred Support (Scotland)My Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Personal DevelopmentLearning Nexus£ 20.00
PharmacologyCanscribe£ 30.00
Pharmacy Compliance ToolkitVado£ 50.00
Pharmacy Workforce ToolkitVado£ 50.00
Pneumococcal DiseaseCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Positive Behaviour in Early YearsFlick Learning£ 18.00
Positive Behaviour SupportMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Preparing Submissions in the Common Technical Document (CTD) Format (SUB04)Zenosis£ 74.00
Pressure Area Care AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Pressure Ulcer AwarenessDynamic Business£ 16.00
PreventiAM Learning£ 20.00
PreventDynamic Business£ 16.00
Preventing BullyingFlick Learning£ 18.00
Prevention of RadicalisationFlick Learning£ 18.00
Privacy and Dignity - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00
Privacy and Dignity in Health and Social CareLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Private FosteringMe Learning£ 20.00
Protecting Your Mental Health During the Covid-19 PandemicMind Channel£ 5.00
Protection of Adults and Safeguarding from AbuseCPL Learning£ 10.00
Rabies - OnlineCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
ReablementMe Learning£ 20.00
Registration of Medicinal Products Based on Monoclonal Antibodies (SUB12)Zenosis£ 74.00
Regulatory Requirements and Guidance on Advertising and Promotion of Prescription Drugs in the USA (SAM02)Zenosis£ 99.00
Reproductive SystemCanscribe£ 30.00
Respiratory ManagementMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Respiratory systemCanscribe£ 30.00
Risk Management Planning for Medicinal Products (PV05)Zenosis£ 61.00
Safe Handling of MedicinesDynamic Business£ 16.00
Safeguarding AdultsEngage in Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding AdultsMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Safeguarding Adultse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Safeguarding Adults (awareness level)Dynamic Business£ 16.00
Safeguarding Adults (Awareness) - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Adults (Level 1)Me Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Adults (Level 2)Me Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Adults (Levels 1 and 2)Me Learning£ 30.00
Safeguarding Adults (Managers)My Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Safeguarding Adults (Scotland)My Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Safeguarding Adults - Level 2Dynamic Business£ 16.00
Safeguarding Adults in Health and Social CareLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Safeguarding Against Radicalisation - The Prevent DutyMe Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding AwarenessMe Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Awareness - for Higher EducationMe Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding ChildrenEngage in Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding ChildrenCPL Learning£ 10.00
Safeguarding Childrene-learning WMB£ 23.00
Safeguarding ChildrenEssential Skillz£ 18.00
Safeguarding Children (awareness level)Dynamic Business£ 16.00
Safeguarding Children (Awareness) - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children (England & Wales)MicroLearn£ 9.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 1)Me Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 1) - for EducationMe Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 1) - for HealthMe Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 2)Me Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 3)Me Learning£ 25.00
Safeguarding Children (Levels 1 and 2)Me Learning£ 30.00
Safeguarding Children (Northern Ireland)MicroLearn£ 9.00
Safeguarding Children (Scotland)MicroLearn£ 9.00
Safeguarding Children And Young PeopleMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Safeguarding Children And Young People (Managers)My Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Safeguarding Children And Young People (Scotland)My Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Safeguarding Children for Education - (Level 1 and 2)Me Learning£ 30.00
Safeguarding Children for Health - (Level 1 and 2)Me Learning£ 30.00
Safeguarding Children in Health and Social CareLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children in SportMe Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children with DisabilitiesMe Learning£ 20.00
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (England & Wales)MicroLearn£ 9.00
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (Northern Ireland)MicroLearn£ 9.00
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (Scotland)MicroLearn£ 9.00
Safeguarding: Emotional AbuseMe Learning£ 25.00
Safeguarding: Physical AbuseMe Learning£ 20.00
Safer RecruitmentFlick Learning£ 18.00
Safer RecruitmentMe Learning£ 30.00
Self Harm AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Self-HarmiAM Learning£ 10.00
Self-HarmMe Learning£ 20.00
Sepsis AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Sexual Abuse and Recognising GroomingMe Learning£ 20.00
Signal Detection and Management in Pharmacovigilance (PV04)Zenosis£ 74.00
Special SensesCanscribe£ 30.00
Stroke AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Stroke AwarenessMe Learning£ 20.00
Structures of the Body, Movement & ColorCanscribe£ 30.00
Substance MisuseMe Learning£ 20.00
Suicide AwarenessMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Team Building Within Multi-Disciplinary TeamsMaguire Training£ 25.00
Teenage PregnancyMe Learning£ 30.00
The Care Act - Assessment and EligibilityMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Care and Support PlanningMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Charging and Financial AssessmentMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Deferred PaymentsMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Direct PaymentsMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Independent AdvocacyMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Information and AdviceMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Integration, Cooperation and PartnershipsMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Introduction and OverviewMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Personal BudgetsMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Review of Care and Support PlansMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Safeguarding Duties and ResponsibilitiesMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act - Transition to AdulthoodMe Learning£ 20.00
The Care Act 2014 - Full Training SuiteMe Learning£ 120.00
The Care CertificateMy Learning Cloud£ 36.00
The Decentralised Procedure (DCP) (SUB11)Zenosis£ 99.00
The European Centralised Procedure (CP) (SUB02)Zenosis£ 74.00
The Investigational New Drug Application (IND) to Conduct FDA-regulated Clinical Trials (CT10)Zenosis£ 149.00
The Mutual Recognition Procedure (MRP) (SUB03)Zenosis£ 99.00
The New Drug Application (NDA) for Marketing Approval in the USA (SUB09)Zenosis£ 176.00
The Regulatory Pathway to Licensure of Follow-on Biologics (Biosimilars) in the USA (SUB14)Zenosis£ 25.00
Trauma AwarenessMe Learning£ 30.00
Travellers DiarrhoeaCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Types of AbuseiAM Learning£ 20.00
Typhoid FeverCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Understand Your Role - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00
Understanding BehaviourMe Learning£ 20.00
Understanding Child DevelopmentMe Learning£ 20.00
Understanding MAPPAMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Understanding Your Role in Health and Social CareLearning Nexus£ 20.00
Urgent Safety Restrictions (PV06)Zenosis£ 39.00
Vaccination Programme with Basic Life Support & AnaphylaxisCharles Bloe Training£ 40.00
Validation Plans and Documentation (VAL02)Zenosis£ 99.00
Variations to Marketing Authorisations in Europe (SUB06)Zenosis£ 176.00
VenepunctureMy Learning Cloud£ 15.00
Waste Management (clinical)Dynamic Business£ 16.00
Witchcraft AwarenessFlick Learning£ 18.00
Work in a Person Centred Way - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00
Wound CareDynamic Business£ 16.00
Yellow FeverCharles Bloe Training£ 20.00
Your Personal Development - for Health and Social CareMe Learning£ 20.00