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flick learning’s mission is to transform the world of must-do training – particularly for those on budgets – into highly effective, engaging and actually quite enjoyable, e-learning.

Understanding that no one completes a flick course for the sheer pleasure of it, we set out to create e-learning that is to-the-point, simple to absorb, easy-on-the-eye, and memorable.

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Abrasive WheelsFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Adult Safeguarding - Level 1Flick Learning35 Minutes£ 18.00
Adult Safeguarding - Level 2Flick Learning2 Hours 30 Minutes£ 18.00
AllergensFlick Learning15 Minutes£ 18.00
Anti-BriberyFlick Learning50 Minutes£ 18.00
Anti-Money LaunderingFlick Learning50 Minutes£ 18.00
Anti-Terrorist FinancingFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Asbestos AwarenessFlick Learning50 Minutes£ 18.00
Autism AwarenessFlick Learning40 Minutes £ 18.00
Banksmen and SignallingFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Basic First AidFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Becoming a ManagerFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Breast IroningFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Budgeting Effectively in Early YearsFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
CCE (Child Criminal Exploitation)Flick Learning40 Minutes£ 18.00
CDM RegulationsFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Child on Child AbuseFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Child Safeguarding - Level 1Flick Learning1 Hour 20 Minutes£ 18.00
Child Safeguarding - Level 2Flick Learning2 Hours 40 Minutes£ 18.00
Child Safeguarding - Level 2 RefresherFlick Learning50 Minutes£ 18.00
Child Safeguarding - Level 3Flick Learning1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 18.00
Child Safeguarding in BoardingFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Child Sexual ExploitationFlick Learning1 Hour 20 Minutes£ 18.00
Confined SpacesFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
COSHHFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
County LinesFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Customer Due DiligenceFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Customer ServiceFlick Learning40 Minutes£ 18.00
Cyber SecurityFlick Learning25 Minutes£ 18.00
Data Protection and The GDPRFlick Learning1 Hour£ 18.00
Data Protection in MarketingFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Dealing with Difficult PeopleFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Developing Positive Behaviour ManagementFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Display Screen EquipmentFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Diversity, Inclusion and BelongingFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Domestic AbuseFlick Learning40 Minutes£ 18.00
Driving SafetyFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Drug and Alcohol AwarenessFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
DSE Self AssessmentFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Electrical SafetyFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Environmental Health and SafetyFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Environments in Early YearsFlick Learning15 Minutes£ 18.00
Equality and DiversityFlick Learning50 Minutes£ 18.00
Equality and Diversity - Additional ResponsibilitiesFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Equality and Diversity for ManagersFlick Learning1 Hour 10 Minutes£ 18.00
Eye ProtectionFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
EYFS Made SimpleFlick Learning40 Minutes£ 18.00
Faith-based AbuseFlick Learning40 Minutes£ 18.00
Faith-based Abuse: WitchcraftFlick Learning15 Minutes£ 18.00
FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)Flick Learning1 Hour£ 18.00
Financial CrimeFlick Learning2 Hours£ 18.00
Fire SafetyFlick Learning2 Hours£ 18.00
Fire Safety BasicsFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Fire Safety for ManagersFlick Learning3 Hours 10 Minutes£ 18.00
Fire Safety For The Responsible PersonFlick Learning40 Minutes£ 18.00
Fire Safety for WardensFlick Learning40 Minutes£ 18.00
Floor Space Requirements in Early YearsFlick Learning15 Minutes£ 18.00
Food HygieneFlick Learning2 Hours 30 Minutes£ 18.00
Forced Marriage AwarenessFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Fraud PreventionFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
HACCPFlick Learning1 Hour 10 Minutes£ 18.00
Hand-Arm Vibration AwarenessFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Handling ConflictFlick Learning50 Minutes£ 18.00
Handling Medication in CareFlick Learning55 Minutes£ 18.00
Handling Medication in EducationFlick Learning1 Hour 50 Minutes£ 18.00
Handling SharpsFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
HazardsFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Health and SafetyFlick Learning2 Hours 50 Minutes£ 18.00
Health and Safety for ManagersFlick Learning3 Hours 50 Minutes£ 18.00
Health and Safety IntroductionFlick Learning25 Minutes£ 18.00
Health and Safety Risk AssessmentFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Inclusive LanguageFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Infection ControlFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Infection Control - Covid 19Flick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Information SecurityFlick Learning40 Minutes£ 18.00
IsocyanatesFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Keeping Children Safe in EducationFlick Learning1 Hour£ 18.00
Knife Crime AwarenessFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
LegionellaFlick Learning40 Minutes£ 18.00
LGBTQIA+Flick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Listening SkillsFlick Learning25 Minutes£ 18.00
LOLERFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Lone WorkerFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Lone Worker for ManagersFlick Learning1 Hour£ 18.00
Managing MeetingsFlick Learning1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 18.00
Managing RemotelyFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Manual HandlingFlick Learning1 Hour£ 18.00
Manual Handling Safe Lifting of AdultsFlick Learning1 Hour£ 18.00
Manual Handling Safe Lifting of Adults and ChildrenFlick Learning1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 18.00
Manual Handling Safe Lifting of ChildrenFlick Learning1 Hour£ 18.00
Menopause AwarenessFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Mental Health and Young PeopleFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Mental Health AwarenessFlick Learning50 Minutes£ 18.00
MindfulnessFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Modern Slavery and TraffickingFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
New and Expectant Mothers at WorkFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Noise AwarenessFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Ofsted's Early Years Education Inspection FrameworkFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Ofsted's Education Inspection FrameworkFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Online SafetyFlick Learning2 Hours£ 18.00
Paediatric First AidFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Personal SafetyFlick Learning30 Minutes£ 18.00
Positive Behaviour in Early YearsFlick Learning15 Minutes£ 18.00
PPEFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Preventing BullyingFlick Learning1 Hour£ 18.00
Preventing Bullying and Harassment in the WorkplaceFlick Learning50 Minutes£ 18.00
Prevention of RadicalisationFlick Learning1 Hour£ 18.00
PUWERFlick Learning15 Minutes£ 18.00
Reporting Incidents: RIDDORFlick Learning35 Minutes£ 18.00
Restraint in EducationFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Safer RecruitmentFlick Learning40 Minutes£ 18.00
Slips, Trips and FallsFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Spill KitsFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Stress AwarenessFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Time ManagementFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Unconscious BiasFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Understanding Allergies and AnaphylaxisFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Understanding AsthmaFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Understanding DiabetesFlick Learning25 Minutes£ 18.00
Understanding EpilepsyFlick Learning25 Minutes£ 18.00
WhistleblowingFlick Learning10 MInutes£ 18.00
Working at HeightFlick Learning10 Minutes£ 18.00
Working RemotelyFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00