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Filtered is an online training platform which personalises learning material for each user. By asking each user questions about their profile, aspiration and proficiency, the platform’s machine learning algorithm is able to pinpoint skills gaps and filter out material that the user doesn’t need or already knows. This minimises time spent training, maximises the impact of learning and increases productivity.

Filtered make training as effective as possible by ensuring learners only digest material that's relevant to them. Their unique and award-winning approach uses adaptive technology to remove content that's not applicable to their role and aspirations, and to provide data driven learning recommendations to get learners to where they want to be - optimally productive in their role.

By asking each user questions about their role, proficiency and career goals, they are able to map such key indicators to competencies and create a personalized and prioritised learning path of just the most relevant learning assets.


  • Over 500,000 users worldwide
  • 26% greater improvement than traditional elearning
  • Personalized learning paths in 30 seconds with globalfilter
  • Responsive layout to learn on any device, anytime, anywhere
  • LMS integration
Business Administration
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Business Maths5 Hours£ 36.00
Finance for Non-Finance Professionals5 Hours£ 36.00
Communication Skills
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Business Writing5.5 Hours£ 36.00
Communication, Influence and Teams5.5 Hours£ 36.00
Effective Copywriting10 Hours£ 36.00
Leadership and Management
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Business Analysis12 Hours£ 36.00
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving3.5 Hours£ 36.00
Leadership and Management5 Hours£ 36.00
Strategy & Businesses Models5.5 Hours£ 36.00
Sales & Marketing
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Basic Programming for Marketers2.5 Hours£ 36.00
Data Science4 Hours£ 36.00
Marketing Analytics3 Hours£ 36.00
Microsoft Office 2003
Microsoft Office 2007
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Effective Outlook 2007/1010 Hours£ 36.00
Excel 2007/10 PC16 Hours£ 36.00
Advanced Excel 2007/2010 PC14 Hours£ 36.00
PowerPoint 2007/10 PC12 Hours£ 36.00
Word 2007/10 PC10 Hours£ 36.00
Microsoft Office 2010
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Excel 201016 Hours£ 36.00
Excel 2011 Mac16 Hours£ 36.00
Microsoft Office 2013
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Effective Outlook 201310 Hours£ 36.00
Excel 2013 PC16 Hours£ 36.00
Advanced Excel 2013 PC14 Hours£ 36.00
PowerPoint 2013 PC12 Hours£ 36.00
Word 201310 Hours£ 36.00
Microsoft Office 2016
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Excel 201616 Hours£ 36.00
Mac Excel 201616 Hours£ 36.00
Advanced Excel 2016 PC14 Hours£ 36.00
PowerPoint 201612 Hours£ 36.00
Word 201610 Hours£ 36.00
Microsoft Office 365
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Digital Collaboration with Office 3652 Hours£ 36.00
Microsoft Project
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Project 20107.5 Hours£ 36.00
Microsoft Windows
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
SharePoint5 Hours£ 36.00
Project Management
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Project Management6.5 Hours£ 36.00