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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of answers to questions that we are commonly asked about our eLearning solutions. If your question is not fully answered here then please contact us by email (, phone (+44 (0)20 7613 3444) or webchat and we will try and answer as best we can.

Yes, if you register on for free (takes 2 minutes) then you can evaluate any of the courses in full. Just login and navigate to any course page (use the Catalogue or Search features) and then click on the '14 Day Eval' option and the course will appear in your My Courses list from where a double click on the course title will fire up the full course.

Yes! If your LMS is SCORM 1.2 compliant then it can be used to access any of our courses. You simply load our zipped SCORM connectors (also known as ‘stubs’ or ‘header files’) to your platform. Our system then runs in the background (invisible to your learners) and controls the overall number of licenses used and available. The enrolments, usage tracking and certificates would operate on your platform as usual.
Of course, we can provide connectors for testing on your system, so you can ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Short answer: Yes we are GDPR compliant.

Long answer: Where you add our courses to your LMS (using SCORM connectors), it is a form of system integration – albeit a light one – and data is necessarily shared between platforms (to track usage and provision the content to the end-user).
We are fully GDPR compliant in our approach, and will work with you (as a “data processor”) to ensure that GDPR requirements are met (considering that different systems will have different defaults and parameters relating to the exact data that is transferred back and forth). Our use of any personal data received via SCORM Connectors or API is exclusively for the purpose of providing our service to you, and data is managed in-line with our Privacy Statement.
In terms of the data that we receive, with SCORM Connectors, your system will relay the student_ID to our platform (student_ID is usually a reference number). Depending on how your platform is configured, we may also get the learners’ names (although that isn’t mandatory in SCORM). Other personal identifiers such as email addresses are not relayed to us (unless your system is configured to use email as student_ID). We can evidence the data that we receive as part of any pre-purchase integration testing.

Yes, you can use our LMS and we can provide you with a branded and dedicated LMS site with both Learner and LMS Admin portals. Subject to a minimum order value we do not charge for the use of our LMS if all the content you are hosting on it is purchased through ourselves. If you want to use the LMS to host your own courses or courses purchased from other suppliers, then annual hosting fees will apply.

We have a Helpdesk operating during normal UK working hours who will support you with any technical issues relating to any of the courses we supply to you. We will liaise with the course publishers as necessary to resolve or fix any course issues. The most common course play issues are related to internet browsers and their configuration on the client device and we will always assist you to identify and rectify any such issues.

Rather like mobile phone PAYG, you put down a credit upfront and then use that credit to call off enrolments of your learners onto individual courses. Each course enrolment that a learner makes use of costs you but you only pay for the enrolments that get used. Once you have run out of credit you just top-up as you would with a mobile phone, and similar again, there is no contractual obligation to top-up, just do it if, and when, you want and need to.

You select your preferred Publisher and purchase a block of course enrolments that can be used to enrol learners on any of that Publishers course catalogue. Typically, you will get a better enrolment purchase price over PAYG with this purchase option but you have less flexibility in use.

The official position is that credit expires at the end of the 12 month period and any remaining balance is then lost.

However, in practice, and at our discretion, if you make a reasonable follow-on purchase then we allow you to carry over the balance of unused credit to the following year. So let’s say you purchased a £1,000 PAYG credit and at the end of the year you had £200 credit remaining - if you made, say a £500 PAYG purchase for the next year, then we would allow you to carry the £200 balance over (this is not an exact science but you can get our sense of reasonableness for both parties).

Flash technology, from humble beginnings at the start of the dial-up internet era, became a hugely popular in the delivery of websites, online advertising, games and (of course) eLearning products. However Flash technology is now firmly on the way out, with support for Flash being withdrawn from the end of 2020.

Nowadays, eLearning courses are most typically based on the current web-standard of HTML5 (not Flash), and the VAST MAJORITY of courses in our catalogue have been developed using HTML5. A small proportion of courses remain in Flash format and we expect to either replace or withdraw these products over the next few months. It is currently the case that Flash products will function correctly, however users may need to "allow" Flash within their browser settings. It is expected that most popular browsers will cease to support Flash by the end of the year (customers are advised to complete their Flash courses by 31 December 2020).

We identify which courses are HTML5 or Flash (or "both") within the individual course outlines (again, the vast majority are built in HTML5).  Please contact us if you need any further information regarding course selections, technology and related support






Our course publishers routinely add, update, alter and replace content as part of their continuous improvement. This ensures that courses remain relevant, up-to-date and technically sound (in keeping with industry standards and changes in web technology). As such, courses are subject to change and are sometimes withdrawn. 

New Courses

New courses are made available for purchase shortly after they are supplied to us by the publisher (following the technical integration and testing on our platform).

Customers with a "Universal PAYG" account can access new courses as soon as they are added to our catalogue. 

Customers with an existing "Publisher Specific PAYG" purchase can usually access any new (subsequently added) courses that fall into the exact same range of courses that they have already bought (as part of the "mix and match" that this type of purchase allows). New courses may be excluded from a pre-existing purchase where the new course is priced differently, or is otherwise considered not to be part of the same collection of courses. The ability for customers to access new courses as part of a pre-existing purchase is at our discretion. 

Course Updates

Minor course updates (those which don't substantially change the course structure or content) are usually applied automatically - so that all learners instantly get the updated version of the course. A more significant course update would usually result in the original course being withdrawn, and the update being published as a "new" course.  

Course Withdrawals

Where a course is withdrawn from sale, pre-existing customers can continue to access it for the remainder of their course subscription (however, because it is "withdrawn" the course is not available for new purchases). 

Where a course is withdrawn and a "like-for-like" replacement (essentially a new version of the product, same price etc) has been provided by the publisher, this may be provided to customers with remaining enrolments. Hence, in-progress learners would continue on the original version, new enrolments would be on the new/replacement course. 

For customers with a Universal PAYG account, we endeavour to provide a minimum of one month's notice prior to withdrawing any courses without a direct replacement (although it is usually the case that one or more suitable alternatives would be available from within our library).







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