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Recent research commissioned by IDC* suggests that there 21 million advanced spreadsheet users world-wide.

Top 10 Excel Tips

The most common data work undertaken by these users are in the fields of data integration (60%), data analysis (47%) and data visualisation (34%). The report goes on to postulate that these advanced users cost US businesses an estimated $60 billion by wasting 1.3 billion hours of efforts due to their inefficient use of the software through manual and repetitive work required every time the data changes.

So, if you can learn and apply just one or two of the top tips from true experts to save your spreadsheet users wasting time then this can have a material impact on your organisation’s productivity.

From the very start one of our eLearning publishers, Filtered, has focused on the productive use of Excel. Now, they have recently reviewed articles written by Excel experts and combined this with aggregated data from their thousands of Excel course students, including answers to their "Filter questions" – the quiz they take at the beginning of our course to determine their level in Excel and filter out the things they know already. Using all this data, they compiled a list of the 10 most important Excel functions, features, tips, tricks and hacks, ordered by Utility.

* Source: IDC Advanced Spreadsheet Users Survey commissioned by Alteryx, October 2016

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