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Essential Skillz

Established in 2001, EssentialSkillz has offices in the UK, US and Ireland and is recognised as a market leader for Health and Safety eLearning.

Health and Safety eLearning is vital for any organisation. It creates a good culture within the business and shows your staff that you care about their health, safety and well-being. This range of Health & Safety and Compliance eLearning courses is designed to help you quickly and efficiently roll out relevant, targeted training to your workforce.

EssentialSkillz range of eLearning courses include rich animations (no Flash is used, so M-Learning is an option as courses are compatible with iPads), crisp clean graphics and engaging content.

All courses are editable by the client, using their rapid course authoring tool, WorkWize Author (license fee of £750 applies) or the courses can be re-branded by EssentialSkillz for a one-off fee of £750 per set of courses with suitable logo files provided by the client.

All courses
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Abrasive Wheels30 Minutes£ 18.00
Adult Safeguarding1 Hour 10 Minutes£ 18.00
Alcohol and Drug Awareness40 Minutes£ 18.00
Anti Bribery45 Minutes£ 18.00
Asbestos Awareness40 Minutes£ 18.00
Business Communication30 Minutes£ 18.00
Code of Conduct1 Hour£ 18.00
Communication Skills30 Minutes£ 18.00
Conflict Resolution50 Minutes£ 18.00
Contractor Safety20 Minutes£ 18.00
Coping with Covid-19 Anxiety30 Minutes£ 18.00
Coronavirus15 Minutes£ 18.00
Cyber Security1 Hour£ 18.00
Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures45 Minutes£ 18.00
Electrical Safety30 Minutes£ 18.00
Environmental Awareness40 Minutes£ 18.00
Equality and Diversity45 Minutes£ 18.00
ErgoWize DSE Training40 Minutes£ 18.00
Evacuation Procedures30 Minutes£ 18.00
Expectant and New Mothers45 Minutes£ 18.00
Fire Safety40 Minutes£ 18.00
Fire Wardens40 Minutes£ 18.00
Food Safety - Level 150 Minutes£ 18.00
Fraud Prevention45 Minutes£ 18.00
Freedom of Information45 Minutes£ 18.00
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)50 Minutes£ 18.00
Hand arm vibration45 Minutes£ 18.00
Hazardous Substances (COSHH)40 Minutes£ 18.00
Health and Safety Induction45 Minutes£ 18.00
Healthy Living Awareness25 Minutes£ 18.00
Home Working35 Minutes£ 18.00
Internet, Email and Social Media45 Minutes£ 18.00
Legionella40 Minutes£ 18.00
Lock Out Tag Out1 Hour£ 18.00
Lone Working30 Minutes£ 18.00
Managing Health and Safety1 Hour£ 18.00
Managing Mental Health55 Minutes£ 18.00
Manual Handling45 Minutes£ 18.00
Mental Health Awareness50 Minutes£ 18.00
Mindfulness1 Hour£ 18.00
Modern Slavery40 Minutes£ 18.00
Money Laundering40 Minutes£ 18.00
Noise at Work45 Minutes£ 18.00
Nutrition25 Minutes£ 18.00
Online Driver Training (UK)45 Minutes£ 18.00
Pandemic Procedures15 Minutes£ 18.00
Personal Protective Equipment50 Minutes£ 18.00
Phishing Awareness45 Minutes£ 18.00
Physical Activity30 Minutes£ 18.00
Prevent Duty50 Minutes£ 18.00
Resilience1 Hour£ 18.00
Resource Efficiency25 Minutes£ 18.00
Risk Assessment15 Minutes£ 18.00
Safeguarding Children1 Hour 10 Minutes£ 18.00
Security and Terror Alerts45 Minutes£ 18.00
Sexual Harassment (UK)1 Hour£ 18.00
Sleep25 Minutes£ 18.00
Slips, Trips and Falls30 Minutes£ 18.00
Stress Awareness50 Minutes£ 18.00
Time Management50 Minutes£ 18.00
Treating Customers Fairly40 Minutes£ 18.00
Wellbeing & Remote Working15 Minutes£ 18.00
Whistleblowing45 Minutes£ 18.00
Working at Height45 Minutes£ 18.00