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For over 20 years Emailogic has been training business email users how to save time and communicate better with our pioneering, award-winning range of Email Etiquette Training courses.

So far we’ve trained more than 200,000 people in over 1,000 organisations and this figure continues to grow daily. The reason for our success is simple. We deliver consistent, measured and proven results, achieving an average time saving of 31 minutes every day for every person who takes our course. Emailogic award winning training takes just 90 minutes and is upbeat, engaging and highly entertaining. Most importantly it is guaranteed to achieve behaviour change. It is essential training for everyone in your organisation who uses email. After completing Emailogic's award winning email etiquette training your staff will:

  • cut their inboxes by -40%
  • reduce irrelevant traffic by -25%
  • checking email per day down by -43%
  • save 31 minutes per person every day
  • TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
    Effective EmailEmail Logic1 Hour£ 40.00