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eLearning is a great solution to training needs, but how can it be made easier for L&D Managers to find, try and buy?

Soft Skills

eLearning is attractive since it offers a very cost-efficient and effective solution to the training of employees, whether as stand-alone, or as part of a blended training programme. And there is a wide variety of courses available.

However, the challenge for HR departments is that there are many, many companies offering different solutions. Some companies are highly specialised, competing in one particular niche – for example developing off-the-shelf eLearning language courses. Others offer somewhat broader libraries whilst others promote “total” solutions. This can make it difficult to search for and find the particular course which is required or, more likely, a mix of courses to meet all employee requirements from one source.

Pricing too can be confusing, especially in the content segment. Some companies offer individual pricing to single end-users. Others work on a licensing model where assumptions are made about the number of employees who will complete a set number of courses. Combining courses from different suppliers to meet internal needs can get expensive.

To help solve these challenges, Ken Wood, an industry veteran of some twenty years, conceived, developed and launched Course-Source eLearning for Business. It brings together over 1,400 eLearning courses from twenty-six (and growing) different content providers. This essentially offers L&D Managers a one-stop-shop for their requirements so saving significant search time and cost. The technology allows managers to evaluate any course in full for free before committing to purchase, so that they can pick the supplier styles and content to match their needs. The pricing model allows them to pick and buy what courses they need, when they need them and in quantities actually required for each course.

This facilitates more efficient and cost-effective use of eLearning since real usage can then be monitored and purchases adjusted according to genuine use – not forecasts. To complete the process, Course-Source uses proprietary technology to allow customers to either use their own Learning Management System, or have their courses hosted on Course-Source further smoothing the process.