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e-learningWMB place video presenters into interactive virtual e-learning worlds to produce e-learning that initially looks like a corporate video, and yet has all the interactivity (and more) of traditional e-learning. The 3D e-learning they produce is as far away from the traditional PowerPoint style e-learning of old as Grand Theft Auto version 1 is from 5 - this captures the viewer's interest and helps them be attentive and learn. Their e-learning can be very funny - humour can help maintain interest and make a point more memorable. Their e-learning production techniques are very close to TV production which makes it easy to work with top comedians and writers to produce something really unique.

All courses
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Alcohol and Drug Awareness40 Minutes£ 23.00
Alcohol Awareness for Managers20 Minutes£ 23.00
Amphetamine Awareness for Managers20 Minutes£ 23.00
An Introduction to Section 2040 Minutes£ 23.00
Anti Money Laundering Introduction40 Minutes£ 23.00
Anti Money Laundering Regulated Activities40 Minutes£ 23.00
Anti Social Behaviour for Community Safety Officers40 Minutes£ 23.00
Anti Social Behaviour for General Employees30 Minutes£ 23.00
Applying for Universal Credit5 Minutes£ 23.00
Asbestos Awareness40 Minutes£ 23.00
Asbestos Awareness for Social Housing40 Minutes£ 23.00
Assistive Technology40 Minutes£ 23.00
Bespoke Business Documents40 Minutes£ 23.00
Bid Writing30 Minutes£ 23.00
Bribery Act40 Minutes£ 23.00
Bribery Act for Social Housing35 Minutes£ 23.00
Business Innovation and Growth2 Hours£ 23.00
Cannabis Awareness for Managers20 Minutes£ 23.00
Case Studies Step Change Released20 Minutes£ 23.00
CDM Contractor Management30 Minutes£ 23.00
CDM for Client and Managing Agents50 Minutes£ 23.00
Chair Lead and Manage Meetings1 Hour£ 23.00
Cocaine Awareness for Managers20 Minutes£ 23.00
Coding in the Digital Marketplace40 Minutes£ 23.00
Complaints Handling30 Minutes£ 23.00
Coronavirus Awareness20 Minutes£ 0.00
COSHH1 Hour£ 23.00
Credit Brokerage Accreditation45 Minutes£ 23.00
CRM an Introduction40 Minutes£ 23.00
Customer Service40 Minutes£ 23.00
Customer Service General45 Minutes£ 23.00
Data Protection1 Hour£ 23.00
Dealing with Grievance Issues50 Minutes£ 23.00
Dealing with Performance Issues40 Minutes£ 23.00
Delivering a Media Pitch1 Hour 20 Minutes£ 23.00
Digital and Social Media Strategies1 Hour£ 23.00
Digital Etiquette and Citizenship35 Minutes£ 23.00
Driver Safety40 Minutes£ 23.00
Drugs and Young People20 Minutes£ 23.00
e-Office Safety Mobile Pro40 Minutes£ 23.00
e-Office Safety Pro40 Minutes£ 23.00
Ecstasy Awareness for Managers20 Minutes£ 23.00
Effective Communication1 Hour£ 23.00
Equality and Diversity40 Minutes£ 23.00
Equality and Diversity Foundation40 Minutes£ 23.00
Estate Management1 Hour£ 23.00
File Naming Conventions1 Hour£ 23.00
Financial Management and Budgeting45 Minutes£ 23.00
Fire Safety40 Minutes£ 23.00
First Aid55 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - An Introduction5 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - Chilling30 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - Cleaning30 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - Cooking30 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - Cross Contamination30 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - Final Quiz5 Minutes£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths (Bundle)£ 69.00
Functional Skills Maths 2D Shapes1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths 3D Shapes1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Charts1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Data1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Decimals1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Fractions1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Probability1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Ratio1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Scale1 Hour£ 23.00
GDPR Awareness1 Hour£ 23.00
GDPR Customer Service25 Minutes£ 23.00
General Security40 Minutes£ 23.00
Guest Complaints20 Minutes£ 23.00
Guest Name Usage20 Minutes£ 23.00
Health and Safety for Managers55 Minutes£ 23.00
Health and Safety Induction40 Minutes£ 23.00
Heroin Awareness for Managers20 Minutes£ 23.00
Home and Mobile Working35 Minutes£ 23.00
Home Ownership40 Minutes£ 23.00
Housing Associations1 Hour£ 23.00
How to manage an Office Facility2 Hours£ 23.00
Implementing the GDPR1 Hour£ 23.00
Induction for Social Housing1 Hour 20 Minutes£ 23.00
Information Systems40 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to CDM25 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to Fundraising30 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to Governance35 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to Governance for SHPs35 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to Marketing25 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to Project Management£ 23.00
Introduction to Regulatory Framework25 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to StepChange Debt Charity20 Minutes£ 23.00
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems15 Minutes£ 23.00
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems15 Minutes£ 23.00
ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems15 Minutes£ 23.00
ISO Advanced20 Minutes£ 23.00
ISO Beginners£ 23.00
ISO50001 Energy Management Systems15 Minutes£ 23.00
IT Security1 Hour£ 23.00
Laboratory Safety and Ergonomics45 Minutes£ 23.00
Law and Journalism1 Hour£ 23.00
Legal High Awareness for Managers20 Minutes£ 23.00
Legal Issues Concerning Media Assets1 Hour£ 23.00
Legionella Awareness45 Minutes£ 23.00
LGBT Awareness45 Minutes£ 23.00
Lone Working40 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing Attendance40 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing Conflict and Resilience In Action35 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing Conflict and Resilience Introduction40 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing Disciplinary Issues45 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing Performance45 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing your Digital Footprint25 Minutes£ 23.00
Manual Handling40 Minutes£ 23.00
Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulness25 Minutes£ 23.00
Microsoft Excel in 30 Minutes15 Minutes£ 23.00
Microsoft PowerPoint in 15 Minutes10 Minutes£ 23.00
Microsoft Word in 15 Minutes10 Minutes£ 23.00
Modern Slavery45 Minutes£ 23.00
Money Laundering1 Hour£ 23.00
Money Management and Responsibilities25 Minutes£ 23.00
Note Taking at Interviews1 Hour£ 23.00
Office Safety (No Assessment)40 Minutes£ 23.00
Organisational Structures1 Hour£ 23.00
Organising Events45 Minutes£ 23.00
People Management40 Minutes£ 23.00
Preparing a Media Proposal1 Hour£ 23.00
Prevent Strategy25 Minutes£ 23.00
Problem Solving in Business£ 23.00
Psychologically Informed Environments45 Minutes£ 23.00
Public Relations Tools and Activities£ 23.00
Risk Assessment40 Minutes£ 23.00
Safeguarding Adults40 Minutes£ 23.00
Safeguarding Children40 Minutes£ 23.00
Scriptwriting for e-Learning20 Minutes£ 23.00
Search Engine Optimisation1 Hour£ 23.00
Section 20 Intro for Leaseholder Staff30 Minutes£ 23.00
Social Media and Journalism1 Hour£ 23.00
Social Media Usage45 Minutes£ 23.00
StepChange About Debt20 Minutes£ 23.00
Stepchange Referring a Tenant Released20 Minutes£ 23.00
Storyboarding for Media Creation1 Hour£ 23.00
Stress40 Minutes£ 23.00
Team Supervision1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 23.00
Telephone Courtesy20 Minutes£ 23.00
Tenancy Management40 Minutes£ 23.00
Time Management40 Minutes£ 23.00
Treating Customers Fairly - Finance15 Minutes£ 23.00
Unconscious Bias40 Minutes£ 23.00
Understanding Business Markets2 Hours£ 23.00
Understanding Financial Controls45 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit Children and Childcare25 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit Health Conditions and Disabilities25 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit Housing25 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit How Do I Claim25 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit Self Employment25 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit Working25 Minutes£ 23.00
Value for Money in Social Housing25 Minutes£ 23.00
Volatile Substances Awareness for Managers20 Minutes£ 23.00
Welfare Reform LandLords40 Minutes£ 23.00
Welfare Reform Tenants40 Minutes£ 23.00
What is Universal Credit25 Minutes£ 23.00
Working at Heights40 Minutes£ 23.00
Writing a Good Story1 Hour£ 23.00
Writing a Proposal45 Minutes£ 23.00
Writing an Effective Press Release25 Minutes£ 23.00
Written Communication45 Minutes£ 23.00