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e-learningWMB place video presenters into interactive virtual e-learning worlds to produce e-learning that initially looks like a corporate video, and yet has all the interactivity (and more) of traditional e-learning. The 3D e-learning they produce is as far away from the traditional PowerPoint style e-learning of old as Grand Theft Auto version 1 is from 5 - this captures the viewer's interest and helps them be attentive and learn. Their e-learning can be very funny - humour can help maintain interest and make a point more memorable. Their e-learning production techniques are very close to TV production which makes it easy to work with top comedians and writers to produce something really unique.

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Alcohol and Drug Awarenesse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Alcohol Awareness for Managerse-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Amphetamine Awareness for Managerse-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
An Introduction to Section 20e-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Anti Money Laundering Introductione-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Anti Money Laundering Regulated Activitiese-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Anti Social Behaviour for Community Safety Officerse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Anti Social Behaviour for General Employeese-learning WMB30 Minutes£ 23.00
Applying for Universal Credite-learning WMB5 Minutes£ 23.00
Asbestos Awarenesse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Asbestos Awareness for Social Housinge-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Assistive Technologye-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Bespoke Business Documentse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Bid Writinge-learning WMB30 Minutes£ 23.00
Bribery Acte-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Bribery Act for Social Housinge-learning WMB35 Minutes£ 23.00
Business Innovation and Growthe-learning WMB2 Hours£ 23.00
Cannabis Awareness for Managerse-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Case Studies Step Change Releasede-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
CDM Contractor Managemente-learning WMB30 Minutes£ 23.00
CDM for Client and Managing Agentse-learning WMB50 Minutes£ 23.00
Chair Lead and Manage Meetingse-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Cocaine Awareness for Managerse-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Coding in the Digital Marketplacee-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Complaints Handlinge-learning WMB30 Minutes£ 23.00
Coronavirus Awarenesse-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 0.00
COSHHe-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Credit Brokerage Accreditatione-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
CRM an Introductione-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Customer Servicee-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Customer Service Generale-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Data Protectione-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Dealing with Grievance Issuese-learning WMB50 Minutes£ 23.00
Dealing with Performance Issuese-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Delivering a Media Pitche-learning WMB1 Hour 20 Minutes£ 23.00
Digital and Social Media Strategiese-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Digital Etiquette and Citizenshipe-learning WMB35 Minutes£ 23.00
Driver Safetye-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Drugs and Young Peoplee-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
e-Office Safety Mobile Proe-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
e-Office Safety Proe-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Ecstasy Awareness for Managerse-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Effective Communicatione-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Equality and Diversitye-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Equality and Diversity Foundatione-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Estate Managemente-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
File Naming Conventionse-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Financial Management and Budgetinge-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Fire Safetye-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
First Aide-learning WMB55 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safetye-learning WMB1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - An Introductione-learning WMB5 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - Chillinge-learning WMB30 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - Cleaninge-learning WMB30 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - Cookinge-learning WMB30 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - Cross Contaminatione-learning WMB30 Minutes£ 23.00
Food Safety - Final Quize-learning WMB5 Minutes£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths (Bundle)e-learning WMB£ 69.00
Functional Skills Maths 2D Shapese-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths 3D Shapese-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Chartse-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Datae-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Decimalse-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Fractionse-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Probabilitye-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Ratioe-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Scalee-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
GDPR Awarenesse-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
GDPR Customer Servicee-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
General Securitye-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Guest Complaintse-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Guest Name Usagee-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Health and Safety for Managerse-learning WMB55 Minutes£ 23.00
Health and Safety Inductione-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Heroin Awareness for Managerse-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Home and Mobile Workinge-learning WMB35 Minutes£ 23.00
Home Ownershipe-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Housing Associationse-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
How to manage an Office Facilitye-learning WMB2 Hours£ 23.00
Implementing the GDPRe-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Induction for Social Housinge-learning WMB1 Hour 20 Minutes£ 23.00
Information Systemse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to CDMe-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to Fundraisinge-learning WMB30 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to Governancee-learning WMB35 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to Governance for SHPse-learning WMB35 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to Marketinge-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to Project Managemente-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Introduction to Regulatory Frameworke-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to StepChange Debt Charitye-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systemse-learning WMB15 Minutes£ 23.00
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systemse-learning WMB15 Minutes£ 23.00
ISO 9001 Quality Management Systemse-learning WMB15 Minutes£ 23.00
ISO Advancede-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
ISO Beginnerse-learning WMB£ 23.00
ISO50001 Energy Management Systemse-learning WMB15 Minutes£ 23.00
IT Securitye-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Laboratory Safety and Ergonomicse-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Law and Journalisme-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Legal High Awareness for Managerse-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Legal Issues Concerning Media Assetse-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Legionella Awarenesse-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
LGBT Awarenesse-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Lone Workinge-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing Attendancee-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing Conflict and Resilience In Actione-learning WMB35 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing Conflict and Resilience Introductione-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing Disciplinary Issuese-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing Performancee-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Managing your Digital Footprinte-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Manual Handlinge-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulnesse-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Microaggressions in the Workplacee-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Microsoft Excel in 30 Minutese-learning WMB15 Minutes£ 23.00
Microsoft PowerPoint in 15 Minutese-learning WMB10 Minutes£ 23.00
Microsoft Word in 15 Minutese-learning WMB10 Minutes£ 23.00
Modern Slaverye-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Money Launderinge-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Money Management and Responsibilitiese-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Note Taking at Interviewse-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Office Safety (No Assessment)e-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Organisational Structurese-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Organising Eventse-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
People Managemente-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Preparing a Media Proposale-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Prevent Strategye-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Problem Solving in Businesse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Psychologically Informed Environmentse-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Public Relations Tools and Activitiese-learning WMB35 Minutes£ 23.00
Risk Assessmente-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Safe Working from Home and Officee-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Safeguarding Adultse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Safeguarding Childrene-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Scriptwriting for e-Learninge-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Search Engine Optimisatione-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Section 20 Intro for Leaseholder Staffe-learning WMB30 Minutes£ 23.00
Social Media and Journalisme-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Social Media Usagee-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
StepChange About Debte-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Stepchange Referring a Tenant Releasede-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Storyboarding for Media Creatione-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Stresse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Team Supervisione-learning WMB1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 23.00
Telephone Courtesye-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Tenancy Managemente-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Time Managemente-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Treating Customers Fairly - Financee-learning WMB15 Minutes£ 23.00
Unconscious Biase-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Understanding Business Marketse-learning WMB2 Hours£ 23.00
Understanding Financial Controlse-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit Children and Childcaree-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit Health Conditions and Disabilitiese-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit Housinge-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit How Do I Claime-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit Self Employmente-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Universal Credit Workinge-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Value for Money in Social Housinge-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Volatile Substances Awareness for Managerse-learning WMB20 Minutes£ 23.00
Welfare Reform LandLordse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Welfare Reform Tenantse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
What is Universal Credite-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Working at Heightse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Writing a Good Storye-learning WMB1 Hour£ 23.00
Writing a Proposale-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00
Writing an Effective Press Releasee-learning WMB25 Minutes£ 23.00
Written Communicatione-learning WMB45 Minutes£ 23.00