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As one of the UK’s leading elearning design companies, Dynamic create and deliver high-impact online learning for your audience. It’s a highly effective way to drive greater efficiency, knowledge, productivity and profitability throughout your organisation in an ever-changing world. Whether you need bespoke content, our unique dynamicLMS, or access to a suite of high-quality learning on a wide range of topics, ranging from GDPR to health and safety, and even medicine, talk to not only one of the best elearning providers, but also to people who add value to your business. For the last 20 years we’ve been doing it for the world’s largest organisations and we can do it for yours.

Courses cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Legal compliance - Whether it’s keeping your data safe, or ensuring that your organisation stays on the right side of the law, providing up-to-date legal compliance training for all colleagues is vital.
  • Healthcare - After years of experience working with NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers, we’ve developed a suite of essential modules for healthcare professionals.
  • Business management - A suite of courses designed to give you everything you need to get ahead in business whether you’re just starting out or in an executive position.
  • Respecting others - Ensuring that we all live and work in a respectful and safe environment with this suite of safeguarding and awareness modules for a wide range of colleagues.
  • Staying safe at work - Everything you need to know to ensure that you can keep yourself and your colleagues safe in a range of working environments
All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Advanced Data ProtectionDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
An introduction to communication skillsDynamic Business15 Minutes£ 16.00
AnaphylaxisDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Annual Development Review MeetingsDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Anti-briberyDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Anti-money LaunderingDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Antisocial BehaviourDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Asbestos AwarenessDynamic Business10 Minutes£ 16.00
Bullying and HarassmentDynamic Business25 Minutes£ 16.00
Coaching in the WorkplaceDynamic Business45 Minutes£ 16.00
Communication: Effective TechniquesDynamic Business15 Minutes£ 16.00
Competition LawDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Complaints HandlingDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Conflict ResolutionDynamic Business15 Minutes£ 16.00
COSHHDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Cyber SecurityDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Dementia AwarenessDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS)Dynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Diabetes ManagementDynamic Business45 Minutes£ 16.00
Display Screen EquipmentDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Domestic Abuse AwarenessDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Driving SafelyDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Effective MeetingsDynamic Business15 Minutes£ 16.00
Emergency PlanningDynamic Business40 Minutes£ 16.00
End of Life CareDynamic Business45 Minutes£ 16.00
Falls AwarenessDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Fire ExtinguishersDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Fire Marshal TrainingDynamic Business15 Minutes£ 16.00
Fire SafetyDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Fluids and NutritionDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Food Allergens AwarenessDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Food Safety AwarenessDynamic Business45 Minutes£ 16.00
GDPRDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Health and Safety AwarenessDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Infection Prevention and ControlDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Information SecurityDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Introduction to Project ManagementDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Leading ChangeDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Learning Disability AwarenessDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Managing Remote TeamsDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Managing Sickness and AbsenceDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Manual HandlingDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Mental Capacity ActDynamic Business15 Minutes£ 16.00
Mental Health AwarenessDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
MentoringDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Modern Day SlaveryDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Moving and Handling (Health and Social Care)Dynamic Business25 Minutes£ 16.00
Oral HealthcareDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Perception Self-AwarenessDynamic Business45 Minutes£ 16.00
Performance ManagementDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Pressure Ulcer AwarenessDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
PreventDynamic Business15 Minutes£ 16.00
Recruitment and SelectionDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Respect in the workplaceDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Safe Handling of MedicinesDynamic Business45 Minutes£ 16.00
Safeguarding Adults (awareness level)Dynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Safeguarding Adults - Level 2Dynamic Business40 Minutes£ 16.00
Safeguarding Children (awareness level)Dynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Saving EnergyDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Self CareDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Stress ManagementDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Tax Evasion AwarenessDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Time ManagementDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00
Underage SalesDynamic Business15 Minutes£ 16.00
Waste Management (clinical)Dynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Waste management (non clinical)Dynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
WhistleblowingDynamic Business15 Minutes£ 16.00
Working at HeightsDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Workplace First Aid AwarenessDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Wound CareDynamic Business20 Minutes£ 16.00