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Covid-19 Safety & Protection

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TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Agility in Times of ChangeTalent Quest15 Minutes£ 10.00
Coping with Covid-19 AnxietyEssential Skillz30 Minutes£ 18.00
CoronavirusEssential Skillz15 Minutes£ 18.00
Coronavirus and Pandemic AwarenessFirst Health and Safety30 Minutes£ 18.00
Coronavirus AwarenessOpen eLMS20 Minutes£ 0.00
Covid 19 Retail & Hospitality: Why Safety Rules MatterReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
Covid-19 AwarenessiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
COVID-19 De-escalating Conflict: Delivery DriversReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
COVID-19 Leadership: De-escalating Mask-related ConflictReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
COVID-19 Precautions: How to Greet Each Other in the New WorldTalent Quest5 Minutes£ 10.00
COVID-19 Precautions: How to Properly Don and Doff Your PPE MaskTalent Quest5 Minutes£ 10.00
COVID-19 Precautions: Proper Handwashing ProcedureTalent Quest5 Minutes£ 10.00
Covid-19 Safety: De-escalating Mask-related ConflictReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
Covid-19: Planning for a Return to WorkReal Projects20 Minutes£ 20.00
COVID19 Customer Service: De-escalating Conflict over Safety RulesReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
Creating & Managing a Virtual TeamQube Vision5 Hours£ 90.00
Creating a Hybrid Working PolicyReal Projects6 Minutes£ 10.00
De-escalating Covid-19 Conflict: Challenging Colleagues about Safety RulesReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
De-escalating COVID-19 Conflict: When You Can't Wear a Mask in the WorkplaceReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
Effective Hybrid Working: Working From HomeAssemble You15 Minutes£ 12.00
Epidemic and Pandemic LeadershipTalent Quest12 Minutes£ 10.00
Health & Safety - In the Office - COVID-19Kallidus25 Minutes£ 20.00
How to Conduct a Virtual InterviewTalent Quest15 Minutes£ 10.00
How to Wash your HandsReal Projects4 Minutes£ 6.00
Hybrid WorkingKallidus15 Minutes£ 20.00
Hybrid Working - CollaborationReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
Hybrid Working - Information SecurityReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
Hybrid Working - Time managementReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
Hybrid Working 101iAM Learning20 Minutes£ 0.00
Hybrid Working for ManagersKallidus25 Minutes£ 20.00
Infection Control - Covid 19Flick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Infodemic ManagementTalent Quest10 Minutes£ 10.00
Information Security: Remote WorkingReal Projects20 Minutes£ 20.00
Introduction to Hybrid WorkingReal Projects7 Minutes£ 10.00
Introduction to Remote WorkingVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Keeping Safe During COVID-19 - ManufacturingKallidus15 Minutes£ 20.00
Keeping Safe During COVID-19 - OfficeKallidus15 Minutes£ 20.00
Keeping Safe During COVID-19 - RetailKallidus15 Minutes£ 20.00
Key Skills of Effective Virtual LeadershipTalent Quest15 Minutes£ 10.00
Leading and Managing Effective Virtual TeamsTalent Quest15 Minutes£ 10.00
Leading People Working at Home20/20 Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Lean Six Sigma White Belt100% Effective1 Hour£ 0.00
Lone Worker Awareness: Home SecurityReal Projects20 Minutes£ 20.00
Lone Worker Awareness: Personal SecurityReal Projects20 Minutes£ 20.00
Managers Ready To Serve Following LockdownCPL Learning45 Minutes£ 20.00
Managing Hybrid TeamsMindscaling70 Minutes£ 18.00
Managing Remote TeamsKallidus40 Minutes£ 20.00
Managing Remote TeamsDynamic Business30 Minutes£ 16.00
Managing RemotelyFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Mass Gatherings at WorkTalent Quest10 Minutes£ 10.00
Operational Best Practice - No More No-ShowsCPL Learning20 Minutes£ 10.00
Pandemic AwarenessLearning Planet10 Minutes£ 9.00
Remote Challenges - Loneliness & Social IsolationReal Projects7 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Challenges - Struggling to CommunicateReal Projects7 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Challenges - Struggling to Focus on WorkReal Projects7 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Challenges - Work Life BalanceReal Projects7 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Challenges - Working Longer HoursReal Projects7 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Health & Safety: Setting Up Your Home WorkspaceReal Projects10 Minutes£ 10.00
Remote Health & Safety: Working SafelyReal Projects10 Minutes£ 10.00
Remote SellingiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Remote Teams: Digital Security While Working From HomeReal Projects10 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Teams: Finding the Right Tech for YouReal Projects10 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Teams: Improving Virtual MeetingsReal Projects10 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Teams: Leadership in Remote TeamsReal Projects10 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Teams: Solving Communication ProblemsReal Projects10 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Teams: Solving Teamwork ProblemsReal Projects10 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Teams: Staying ProductiveReal Projects10 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote WorkingKallidus35 Minutes£ 20.00
Remote WorkingOutThink5 Minutes£ 5.00
Remote WorkingAccess Group15 Minutes£ 12.00
Remote Working Masterclass: Gathering Employee FeedbackReal Projects15 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Working Masterclass: Onboarding New EmployeesReal Projects15 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Working Masterclass: Running InterviewsReal Projects15 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Working Masterclass: Running Virtual EventsReal Projects15 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Working Masterclass: Setting BoundariesReal Projects15 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Working Masterclass: Starting a New RoleReal Projects15 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Working Masterclass: Time ManagementReal Projects15 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Working Masterclass: Working in a Global TeamReal Projects15 Minutes£ 15.00
Remote Working: Client ManagementReal Projects5 Minutes£ 6.00
Remote Working: Client Relations for First TimersReal Projects5 Minutes£ 6.00
Remote Working: Embedding Remote WorkReal Projects5 Minutes£ 6.00
Remote Working: Top TipsReal Projects5 Minutes£ 6.00
Return to Work 101iAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Safe Working from Home and OfficeOpen eLMS1 Hour£ 23.00
Setting Up Your Home OfficeiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
So you need to work securely from homeNexefy15 Minutes£ 7.00
The Complete Remote Work Mastery SeriesMindscaling30 Minutes£ 18.00
The Remote Worker LifesaveriAM Learning20 Minutes£ 0.00
Virtual Teams: Running an Effective Virtual MeetingReal Projects20 Minutes£ 20.00
Virtual Teams: Transition to Remote WorkingReal Projects20 Minutes£ 20.00
Wellbeing & Remote WorkingEssential Skillz15 Minutes£ 18.00
Working From Home EffectivelyFirst Health and Safety25 Minutes£ 18.00
Working from Home SuccessfullyLearner Bubble2 Hours£ 20.00
Working In a Virtual Team: Managing Virtual TeamsReal Projects20 Minutes£ 20.00
Working in a Virtual Team: Team MembersReal Projects20 Minutes£ 20.00
Working RemotelyFlick Learning20 Minutes£ 18.00
Working Remotely (but Safely)iAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Working Safely During Covid 19Direction Training60 Minutes£ 12.00
Working Safely in Restaurants and Bars during COVID-19Direction Training60 Minutes£ 12.00