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Announcing new course releases from five publishers

New Arrivals

GDPR is getting very close

As I am sure you are aware, the new EU GDPR directive goes live on 25th May this year. Two more publishers have now releases their GDPR courses - NimbleCourses has released an editable GDPR Essentials course and MicroLearn has released their introduction course in their unique style. In addition, Me Learning has released a GDPR title specifically aimed at Marketers. This brings our total count of GDPR courses to 13 titles from 6 different publishers, covering the essential training across a range of styles (with several more GDPR courses in the pipeline for the next few weeks), so we are sure we will have something that meets your requirements.

We realise that a lot of choice can be perhaps be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry we’re here to help. In such an critical subject area, it is really important to select training that is appropriate to your company’s setting and culture, so that the training has the required impact on behaviour. We can advise on the most suitable options to match your company’s needs and preferred style.

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Me Learning release new courses for the public sector

Me Learning has released a further 13 course titles some focused on the specific needs of the public sector creating an impressive library of over 100 high-grade interactive e-learning courses  covering aspects of compliance, management,  health and safety and social care. The new titles are listed below:

  • Data Protection Law, Definitions and Principles
  • Fighting Fraud in Local Government
  • General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR - Marketer Training
  • Handling Violence and Aggression at Work
  • Info Security
  • Information Gov bundle
  • Managing Teams
  • Managing the Probation Period
  • Manual Handling - Health, Education and Social Care
  • People Skills
  • Safeguarding Children with Disabilities
  • Working with Display Screen Equipment
  • Workplace Wellbeing

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Functional Skills courses from e-learning WMB

We are very pleased to offer nine functional skills modules (also available as a single course bundle) from e-learning WMB. As with other titles from this publisher, these course engage learners with a blend of “presentational-style” instructional video with high-grade interactive e-learning. The visual presentation and animations are especially effective in maths-based learning.

  • Functional Skills Maths 2D Shapes
  • Functional Skills Maths 3D Shapes
  • Functional Skills Maths Charts
  • Functional Skills Maths Data
  • Functional Skills Maths Decimals
  • Functional Skills Maths Fractions
  • Functional Skills Maths Probability
  • Functional Skills Maths Ratio
  • Functional Skills Maths Scale
  • Functional Skills Maths (Bundle)

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Mobile keyboard skills course from KAZ


Enabling your employees to use their keyboards quickly and accurately will improve their productivity and that of your organisation swiftly, simply and cheaply. KAZ has released an HTML version of their highly effective keyboard skills programme which works on tablets and most importantly does not require Flash thus enabling this fundamental work skill to be developed 'on the move'.

The scientifically developed ACCELERATED LEARNING method is based on using specific combinations and progressions of just 11 words in 5 easily memorised and trademarked phrases - teaching the A-Z keys in just 90 minutes!  - No other typing tutor works in this way.

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