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Three new Learning Heroes course titles

Learning Heroes continue to maintain an impressive production rate of new microlearning course titles and last month was no exception with the release of three new course titles:

Managing Virtual Teams - There are many reasons to use a virtual team over an in-house one. Long-distance collaboration. Easier hiring. Reduced costs. That's why there has been an 80% increase in telecommuting staff over the last few years. However, its something that can so easily go wrong. Find out how to stick with the trend and avoid the pitfalls.

See it, Sort it, Report it - Before we start, there’s probably not a banana peel behind you. Unless maybe you’re reading this while playing Mario Kart. Or at the gorilla enclosure at the zoo. But would you know how to react if there were a hazard like that, chilling out right under your nose, laughing away at you? And more importantly, would your staff know? All we’re saying is that it is important how you handle hazards where you work.

Whistleblowing - The term 'whistleblower' is used to describe someone who exposes dangerous or illegal activity in a public or private organisation. So it's important to arm your employees with the facts about what whistleblowing is and how it protects them, should they need to disclose some information.

Updated Knowhow2 Desktop IT courses

Knowhow2 has released updated versions of all their Desktop IT courses, which now includes Office 365 and Windows 10, with the following enhancements:

Mobile Ready - If you launch the course on a mobile device (i.e. Tablet), which uses a touch control interface, rather than a keyboard mouse input, you are asked if you want to run a mobile version of the course. The mobile version of the course will run similar to a video, where the slides will run in a linear fashion. Each training slide is displayed with the accompanying audio, and upon completion of the voice, the auto completion for the slide is triggered. This animates the advancing action for the slide. You can also view the course “traditionally” where you can perform click actions by tapping the screen, and using the mobile device keyboard to perform any typing input. In the mobile version of the training, only multiple choice questions are asked.

eBooks - Each course is now available as a PDF eBook. The eBook is all of the PDF workbooks from each objective linked together. The eBooks are PDF files, which can be viewed by most eReader software, either dedicated or by an eReader app on a Tablet.

Cyber Security course from Essential Skillz

Recognising that Cyber Security is a current hot topic for organisations we are pleased to release an additional course from Essential Skillz of the same title. This 30 minute course explains what the potential threats are and how individuals can develop good security practices with recommendations for avoiding malicious activities.