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This is where Connected Conversations comes in.

Business Conversation

Do you think that the age-old annual performance review meeting has had its day and does not do enough to develop a capable, engaged and motivated workforce? If so, you are not alone.

Organisations could be far more agile if they provide their people with more regular and relevant feedback on performance on a month-by-month basis. In a world of instant messaging and feedback, people want practical feedback at their point of need to help them improve their performance, and not a soul-crushing list of tasks explaining how they should do better.

What are Connected Conversations?

A series of conversations that, over time, enable employees to improve their performance and evolve. Not an annual one-off event that most employees dread.

Why the Connected Conversations approach?

We find that organisations using Connected Conversations have motivated and engaged employees that stick to a task for longer and demonstrate more resilience.

How can you get started?

In partnership with the HR Consultancy 10Eighty, Marshall e-Learning, have created a formal alternative to yearly performance appraisals using the Connected Conversations model, distilling them into a Connected Conversations e-learning course.

The course equips managers with the skills required to give feedback, motivate employees and ensure those employees reach organisational goals. It also:-

  • helps employers to be ‘people-centric’;
  • shows managers how to give effective and regular feedback to grow and improve their employees’ skills;
  • helps employees to manage their career according to the Intelligent Career Model which explores how organisational and employee needs are connected;
  • mutually benefits both employer and employee.

To get you started, we will be pleased to credit new customers an initial £200 Marshall ACM Single Publisher PAYG purchase which enables you to trial any of their courses in our catalogue. Your order must be placed before 14/12/18. This offers you access to any Marshall ACM courses of your choice!* And remember that we can deliver your free course through your LMS.

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* Organisations must employ over 100 staff and be able to deliver the courses through their own SCORM compliant LMS.
* Free credit will expire three months from the start date and learners will have three months to complete a course.