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CPL Learning offer a wide range of courses in areas key to business success. Specialisms include compliance courses, to ensure that you adhere to the law and practice regulations set out in legislation, and soft skill courses for anyone who wants to enhance their career prospects and gain the most from their role. This training helps to develop organisation techniques, managerial skills and other traits associated with job performance.

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Age VerificationCPL Learning30 Minutes£ 10.00
Allergen Awareness Inc Natashas LawCPL Learning45 Minutes£ 10.00
Asbestos AwarenessCPL Learning30 Minutes£ 10.00
Award for Licensed Premises Staff (ALPS)CPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Award in Underage Sales Prevention (AUASP)CPL Learning30 Minutes£ 10.00
Bribery Act AwarenessCPL Learning45 Minutes£ 10.00
Conflict ManagementCPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)CPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
COSHH in a Food EnvironmentCPL Learning40 Minutes£ 10.00
Disability AwarenessCPL Learning40 Minutes£ 10.00
Drugs AwarenessCPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Effective Time ManagementCPL Learning25 Minutes£ 10.00
Emergency First AidCPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Equality and DiversityCPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Fire Safety AwarenessCPL Learning40 Minutes£ 10.00
Food Safety and Manufacturing in RetailCPL Learning1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 10.00
Food Safety in Drinks ManufacturingCPL Learning1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 10.00
Food Safety in ManufacturingCPL Learning1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 10.00
Food Safety Level 2CPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Fuel SafetyCPL Learning20 Minutes£ 10.00
GDPR for HospitalityCPL Learning20 Minutes£ 10.00
HACCP Level 2CPL Learning40 Minutes£ 10.00
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Level 3CPL Learning1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 10.00
Health and Safety in a Food EnvironmentCPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Health and Safety Level 2CPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Managers Ready To Serve Following LockdownCPL Learning45 Minutes£ 20.00
Manual HandlingCPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Money Laundering AwarenessCPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Operational Best Practice - No More No-ShowsCPL Learning20 Minutes£ 10.00
PCI Data Security StandardsCPL Learning20 Minutes£ 10.00
Protection of Adults and Safeguarding from AbuseCPL Learning40 Minutes£ 10.00
Ready to Serve - Team Members ProgrammeCPL Learning3 Hours£ 20.00
Right to WorkCPL Learning20 Minutes£ 10.00
Safeguarding ChildrenCPL Learning1 Hour£ 10.00
Scottish Award for Licensed Premises Staff (SALPS)CPL Learning2 Hours£ 10.00
Slips Trips and FallsCPL Learning20 Minutes£ 10.00
Staff Appraisal SkillsCPL Learning40 Minutes£ 10.00
Unconscious BiasCPL Learning20 Minutes£ 10.00
Working at Heights AwarenessCPL Learning20 Minutes£ 10.00
Working Safely with DSECPL Learning30 Minutes£ 10.00
Working Safely with DSE Team MembersCPL Learning30 Minutes£ 10.00