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We recognise these are challenging times for all of us, both in our work and our personal lives

We recognise these are challenging times for all of us, both in our work and our personal lives, and we want to offer you any help and support that is within our gift.

Our services are focused on enabling online learning within organisations. We recognise that, at a time when most of us are being required to work remotely, this is the only form of learning & development that is feasible for organisations to utilise. Whilst many organisations will already be equipped to deliver online learning, other will not. We want to support those organisations that now need to rapidly deploy eLearning to their people.

Rapid implementation and free use a company branded instance of our LMS (Learning Management System) to start delivering online learning to your remote working staff now. We will aim to get you up and running with your LMS within one week. Free use until 30th September 2020 guaranteed.*

Immediate access to a wide range of business relevant online learning that you can purchase on a PAYG basis with no long-term contractual obligations to support your people utilise any downtime to develop their capabilities and knowledge. See our full course catalogue here.

Free £500 PAYG content starter pack to get you up and running – use the credit to purchase enrolments to any of our courses. We will get you up and running immediately with free credit to enrol any of your staff on any of our courses.

You can then top-up your credit, as and when you need. See more about our PAYG purchase options here.**

Free access to selected courses to ensure your people are fully equipped to work and stay safe through the COVID-19 pandemic:

Support and guidance to identify the most suitable courses to help your people develop their skills – both in terms of working more remotely and all other business-related skills.

If you think we can help then please call on +44 (0) 207 613 3444 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and work out how we can best support you train your staff.

All services are provided subject to a fair use policy - contact us for further details.

* Organisations with over 50 staff will be offered a dedicated, branded instance off our LMS and those with less staff will be able to use our Course-Source branded instance.

* LMS use includes use with in-house and third-party developed SCORM 1.2 courses.

** Available to organisations with over 50 staff. Not for Resale.