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TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Bringing Presentations AliveEngage in Learning30 Minutes£ 24.00
Bringing Presentations Alive (US version)Engage in Learning30 Minutes£ 24.00
Creating Presentation Support MaterialsEngage in Learning34 Minutes£ 24.00
Creating Presentation Support Materials (US version)Engage in Learning36 Minutes£ 24.00
Developing Key Messages (US version)Engage in Learning30 Minutes£ 24.00
Effective Presentation Rehearsal (US version)Engage in Learning30 Minutes£ 24.00
Handling QuestionsEngage in Learning20 Minutes£ 24.00
Handling Questions Effectively (US version)Engage in Learning20 Minutes£ 24.00
Making Presentations PowerfulEngage in Learning29 Minutes£ 24.00
Non Verbal Presentation Skills (US version)Engage in Learning34 Minutes£ 24.00
Planning a Powerful PresentationEngage in Learning34 Minutes£ 24.00
Planning a Presentation (US version)Engage in Learning34 Minutes£ 24.00
Powerful Message and StructureEngage in Learning38 Minutes£ 24.00
Rehearsing for your PresentationEngage in Learning30 Minutes£ 24.00
Solving Problems: Definition to Options (US version)Engage in Learning54 Minutes£ 24.00
Thinking Creatively (US version)Engage in Learning33 Minutes£ 24.00
Using Words and Voice EffectivelyEngage in Learning35 Minutes£ 24.00
What Makes a Powerful Presentation (US version)Engage in Learning29 Minutes£ 24.00
What You Say and How You Say It (US version)Engage in Learning35 Minutes£ 24.00
Your Stage PresenceEngage in Learning20 Minutes£ 24.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Giving PresentationsJenison2 Hours15.00
Preparing PresentationsJenison2 Hours15.00
PunctuationJenison2 Hours15.00
SpellingJenison2 Hours15.00
The English SentenceJenison2 Hours15.00
Working with NumbersJenison2 Hours15.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
AmbiguityMicroLearn15 Minutes9.00
Better JudgementsMicroLearn15 Minutes9.00
Changing BehavioursMicroLearn15 Minutes9.00
Collaborative WorkingMicroLearn15 Minutes9.00
Critical ThinkingMicroLearn15 Minutes9.00
CuriosityMicroLearn15 Minutes9.00
Relationship BuildingMicroLearn15 Minutes9.00
Remote WorkingMicroLearn15 Minutes9.00
Workplace DiplomacyMicroLearn15 Minutes9.00
Working in TeamsMicroLearn15 Minutes9.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Handling Violence and Aggression at WorkMe Learning30 Minutes25.00