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Do you have one of Baldrick's cunning plans for training?

Cunning Plan

Most Brits are pretty familiar with Baldrick’s cunning plans. If you’re responsible for buying training, and you’re keen to avoid the disastrous ideas he was prone to, then there’s a simple tool you can use.

It’s called a Training Needs Analysis or TNA

As many of you will know, the point of this is to systematically appraise the requirements for training – for an individual, team or organisation.

You might think that this is a massively boring piece of admin – and to some extents, you’re quite right. Nobody’s going to want to leave a party early, to fill a TNA out (unless it’s a really bad party).

So why bother with a TNA?

Firstly, it stops you wasting money on pointless training, which you don’t need. Maybe we shouldn’t say that… after all, we do sell training. But frankly, we’d rather you kept coming back, than turned up once to buy a load of stuff that won’t help you.

Secondly, the TNA helps you spot the training you do need. Of course, we’re able to provide this to you, if you’d like. (We’ll even help you source the most relevant courses, if you reply to this email.)

How do you get started?

There’s plenty of TNA documents available online. But we thought we’d make this really easy for you. We’ve provided you a TNA form, which you can circulate around your team. Happy forwarding!

Of course, the one we’ve sent out is pretty basic – because we wanted to keep everything simple for you. However, if you’d like to do this exercise more thoroughly, we’ve actually got a course on this. Yup, there’s a training course on training needs – how recursive is that?

Anyway, the course is pretty good. It’s called “Identifying Training & Development for your Team”, by Maguire Training. Normally, we’d have to charge for it. But we’ve arranged with the publisher that you can have it on the house. But be quick, as we’ve only got it for a week.