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Established in 1999, 100% Effective Ltd is an experienced and award-winning learning partner. Offering a range of learning solutions, including high-quality classroom courses and market-leading eLearning, the company educates and develops both businesses and professionals around the world, every day.

100% Effective Ltd offers a large collection of highly interactive eLearning courses that fall into four key categories: Change Management, Professional Development, Management Development and Business Improvement.

All 100% Effective eLearning is designed and developed by its in-house team of experts. Combining the knowledge of experienced consultants and trainers with the creative skills and technical expertise of the eLearning development team, 100% Effective courses are as engaging as they are effective.

All courses
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
5S - Transform Your Workplace in 5 Steps1 hour£ 50.00
8 Wastes2 Hours£ 50.00
Accounting Skills for the non-finance1 Hour£ 25.00
Action Planning1 Hour£ 25.00
Active Listening - Become a Better Communicator1 hour£ 25.00
Activity Flow Charts1 Hour£ 25.00
Affinity Diagrams1 Hour£ 25.00
Analysis of Variance1 Hour£ 25.00
Body Language - Reading Body Language as a Sales Tool1 Hour£ 25.00
Body Language for Facilitators1 Hour£ 25.00
Brainstorming1 Hour£ 25.00
Building High Performance Teams - Build Successful Teams that Last1 hour 30 minutes£ 25.00
Building Your Personal Brand - Stand Out with a Strong Personal Brand1 hour£ 25.00
Coaching Skills2 Hours£ 25.00
Communication Skills2 Hours£ 25.00
Conflict Resolution2 Hours£ 25.00
Creative Thinking2 Hours£ 25.00
Effective Meetings - Say Goodbye to Boring Meetings50 minutes£ 25.00
Emotional Intelligence2 Hours£ 25.00
Essential Problem Solving - Key Tools for Solving a Variety of Business Problems6 hours£ 150.00
FMEA - Reduce your Risks by Finding Your Failure Modes4 hours£ 150.00
Giving and Receiving Feedback2 Hours£ 25.00
Influencing Skills - Become Confident and Credible in your Ability to Influence1 hour£ 25.00
Interviewing Skills1 Hour£ 25.00
Introduction to Lean - A Gateway to a Leading Improvement Approach1 hour£ 50.00
Kaizen Introduction1 Hour£ 25.00
Kotter's 8 Steps - Learn One of the Most Popular Change Models1 hour 10 minutes£ 50.00
Littles Law1 Hour£ 25.00
Mistake Proofing - Protect your Processes from Simple Errors45 minutes£ 50.00
Negotiation Skills - Gain the Skills to Become an Effective Negotiator1 hour 40 minutes£ 25.00
Networking for Success2 Hours£ 25.00
Presentation Skills - Overcoming Nerves and Presenting with Confidence40 minutes£ 25.00
Pressure Management1 Hour£ 25.00
Prioritisation in Problem Solving1 Hour£ 25.00
Process Mapping - Learn a Number of Methods to Map Processes4 hours£ 150.00
Self-Esteem and Assertiveness - Boost your Confidence in the Workplace1 hour£ 25.00
Stakeholder Analysis - Influence and Engage with Key Decision Makers40 minutes£ 50.00
Stress Management1 Hour£ 25.00
Visual Management - Streamline your Processes and Transform your Workplace40 minutes£ 25.00
Yellow Belt - An Introduction to the Tools, Methods and Theory of Lean Six Sigma10 hours£ 200.00