Mobile Phones and Driving

Course at a glance

  • 5 mins
  • English


Make a commitment to be phone safe when driving.

About the course

Using your mobile phone while driving is illegal. And for good reason. In 2015, 22 people were killed and 99 seriously injured in accidents where a driver was using a phone.

This course covers the facts, and everything you need to know to be phone safe when driving.

Key Insights

  • There is no excuse for using your phone whilst driving.
  • Rules apply if you are using your phone to follow a map, read a text or check social media.
  • If you need to use your mobile, make sure you are safely parked first.
  • Rules apply even if you’re stopped at a traffic light, or queuing in traffic.
  • Before setting off, put your phone away so you won’t be tempted to use it.

Who is it For?

Anyone who drives. Also useful for non-drivers as they have a part to play by avoiding calling people when driving.

Course Format

The course starts with a short-animated explainer video, followed by a frequently asked questions section, and finishes with a short knowledge check.